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Saturday, 17 November 2018

What Happened Here...?

Today I went home. I thought at one point I was finally going to transition to a bolt action rifle but - gah. Bolt actions are the most inherently accurate guns out there. You can even buy econo-guns that will print one inch groups right out of the box.

But... they bore me. I am going back to my beloved M14 and AR15 for gov't work, and for fun I am doing my black powder cartridge guns. End of story. I think I am done buying guns now too. I have at best - what? 15 more years? After that a fella gets a little old to be in the game... but who knows? In the black powder cartridge gun game there's lots of seriously old farts still shooting and playing the game so maybe I might have a few years beyond that.

After I got my Trijicon scope dialled back in on the M14, I blew some dust off the AR and went to work with it. I must have blown off 60 rounds of ammo today! It felt good just to spend the morning out doors. It was cold out and the roads were icy so all the candy-asses stayed home and I had the club to myself.

Afterwards I checked out the campsites which are beginning to fill up with snow. It's just barely deep enough now that a 4x4 is a good idea. Theres a few deer and moose tracks around so the critters are doing good.

Dunno what this is though:

All this snow was torn up in one single spot. I think it may be a case that the rut is in full swing, and maybe the bucks and bulls came out here to spar. It is on the campsite road so there is no grazing under the snow.

I love the snow and the sun. I spend too much time indoors in my old age and I really need to fix that.

Welp, I got dishes to do, and after that I got guns to clean and brass to prep. Might be a beer or two down there too - who knows?

Have yourselves a great Saturday, y'all - and as always - thanks for stopping by!

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