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Friday, 30 November 2018

When We Were Kings

Hmmmm. I'm thinking early to mid 60's...

My first guns were those I stole from my father. He kinda-sorta dabbled in guns as a kid but life interrupted. He got married, and went to work building a home for his family and other than sporadic health issues - he never stopped. Hobbies were a waste of time and daylight right up until he retired... and then and only then did he have real time - and he loved golf. Far as I know he still makes it round the course like a champ and he is in his 70's.

As a kid, I would have drooled over that Remington boltie with the scope. Then it woulda been the .30-30 next. Nowadays I wouldn't be caught dead shooting junk like that. But back then, these were the kind of guns you had to choose from unless you were a high roller or dedicated gun nut with deep pockets.

I heard that TC and Ruger are putting out econo-guns that shoot 1 MOA right out of the box. Be that as it may I wonder if the kids these days have any more fun than our fathers did with their beaters.

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  1. Dad's old Stevens 66C from 1935 is still my favorite. It's a bit roached out on the outside and I had to glue up the thru-and-thru cracks in the stock when he gave it to me. But I can't seem to miss with that thing no matter how sloppy I get with it. Some pix at the bottom here.