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Thursday, 8 November 2018


Now with no real family ties I often think about moving. I've heard that whites in Rwanda often build houses that look bleak and rundown on the outside - but are beautifully appointed inside. They do this so as not to attract the attention of any feral negroes that might be about. It might be a viable prepping strategy going forward.


  1. Mine!

    You don't want a thing to do with Rwanda. Try Thailand, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, parts of Mexico, parts of India. I still know a few people in India, mainly in the south.

    I may yet trade it all for cash and a backpack.

  2. I hear ya, WL. As far as that continent goes, and blacks in general - I have had it with them. I've had it with their whining, their endless excuses for failure, and their insistence on blaming whites for their own problems. The Chinese can have Africa, far as I'm concerned. If they thought Whitey was bad, I think they'll learn a thing or two with the Chinese.
    Or not.

    1. The trouble with Africa stated when the Euro-trash discovered a large continent with resources, exotic animals, and tribes who hadn't advanced past the stone age. What should have happened was the continent should have been interdicted until we, the Great White Devils, could fly over Africa at night and see electric lights from one coast to the other.