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Sunday, 30 December 2018

2018: For Absent Friends, Missed Boats, And Crossroads Met

Well that's another year shot to chit ininit?

It's been a great one for me personally. I ditched a high paying job with arseholes, ulcers and bullshite and started a new one at harf the pay but if nothing else - it's good for the soul. I am working with men and women that are going to be leaders tomorrow and God willing, maybe I can influence them in good ways in the same way that I was influenced by men and women who came before me.

My former employers shot Big Al out from under me before I could train him; he was a good man but the corporate shithawks had had their way with him and he needed some remedial attitude adjustment. I learned from my mentor, Leisure Suit Larry - real leaders pull, and that great teams are managed upward. I tried to pull Al with some success - but he's an old fart who will probably never see the board room again. Right now I have my hands full. I work with proggie retards and environmentalists and answer to some young women that fancy themselves as leaders. They have potential, but they have issues with the usual problems with estrogen and maturity that you'd exepect from young women. Karlie will be a good leader if she can dispense with her hormones and it appears that she can. I've taken her aside once or twice and she gave my counsel a fair hearing. I may yet bring Amanda around. She cares about the job but she doesn't understand that real leaders pull, they don't push. She's a good woman at heart - and she has potential. I can hardly wait for the day that she realizes that the mule is flogging her - not the other way around! HAR HAR HAR! I love these kids.

When I die and go to hell, I hope that on cold lonely days... maybe the young ones will think of me and the few GOOD things I have done … or tried to do... and smile. I hope that one day, seasons ahead, that they remember me with fondness.

As 2018 closes and 2019 opens I find myself one more step down that trail that leads over the great divide. My back is buggered, I have bad habits that HAVE to go or I will be crossing the River and paying Charon his fare before my time. What of it, I ask myself?  Others have gone Home before they're called and who is to fault them for it? Fah - this world? It's shadows and puppet shows at best. This is not where we will make our stand, and it sure as hell is not where we will fall - mark my words.

Some a ya HAVE sailed away in the roughest of water... but we'll see you again - sooner rather than later, if Darwin and Murphy have their way! On the other side, YOU will have to lock up YOUR daughters! HAR HAR HAR! I look forward to meeting absent friends again, and closing with bitter enemies in Valhalla. You assholes know who you are! :)

2019 is off to a rocky start for some of our number .2018 was hard on some of us too. Let us close ranks with our oldest, meanest and most expendable out front! I will lock shields with Jack on my left, Pete on my right. Beyond them, let Sunny, BW, and Quartermain do the same. I would laugh like hell if WL and BP formed up too! I would taunt TB with good natured insults about how he will fall first on the spears arrayed against us! Step back young fellas! If they get past us, all our hopes and lov2s fall and ride on you!  HAR HAR HAR! No pressure, right?  For those of you on hard times - fall back. We have this. We were trained by the best. Take what you can from us, and do that which we could not.

God bless, and have a blessed 2019.


  1. Best of the New Year, Glen. And yes, I will probably fall on the spears first...

  2. Well same to you boys, and thanks for stopping by. Good to see ya, Quartermain - long time, no see.