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Thursday, 13 December 2018

A Ray Of Hope...?

The usual suspects, in the usual rag sheets, signal their virtue to the filthy masses. Arise, ye, and prove how woke and enlightened you are! Lest ye be found hateful, and cast down into the pits where only bigots, homophobes, and racists dwell. HAR HAR HAR!

Well of course at first glance, this is the same BS shovelled by every other prog-leftist mass media outlet. Some domineering leftist political ass hat, signalling his virtue and schlepping for the clowns and cameras.

But -did you catch it? Usually, when the media trolls its few remaining readers with crap like this - they disable the comments. They have to! Otherwise the comments fill up with potty mouthed trolls and rude jokes that makes any proper virtue signalling intelligent discussion impossible! There are even a few published intelligent comments afterward. (Of course the usual homosexual dimwits and their helper monkeys swarm and pile on, but for anyone with a triple digit IQ... let's just say the idiots speak very plainly for themselves in all this.

I must compliment the educators involved in all this too. They are smart enough to refuse to engage with the media, knowing full well that they'd only be crucified by liberal idiots. They are hunkering down, and basically denying the media their usual chit show. The ditz writing that piece doesn't understand that most of the teachers that sign that contract do so from a sense of pride and self worth. They understand that parents don't want their kids exposed to perverts and degenerates, and want to reassure them that they are fit to teach.

Who knows. I am seeing some tiny good things going on here. Maybe this was just an inadvertent blooper in some obscure and irrelevant news outlet. Maybe it's that first pebble that rolls down the hill just before the landslide?

Let us hope so - and have yourselves a good Thursday.

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