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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Filthicus: Blood And Sand

I  am SO dead.

I promised the ignorant proles, peons, and peasants an extravaganza of blood and death for the looming Winter Solstice! We ran out of tigers, and Christians to feed to 'em, and my cowardly legions are afraid to capture more dangerous animals to fight and die in my arena of blood and death! I will have to work with what I have, I suppose!

I figured I'd torture BP by making him watch as I threw his hapless
dawg to my flesh eating piranhas. 
Then I found out that piranhas come from South America - a continent
that hasn't been discovered yet!
I'm sure my blood thirsty countrymen will be just tickled pink!

I'm told by the Imperial Animal Handlers
that the dreaded Toilet Tube Torture will turn the tamest birds into
fierce birds of prey.
That little kipper is gonna need a LOT of rolling
before he's fit for the arena!!!


Well we have some work to do on The Saturnalia Festivus Of Blood I suppose! We are working on it, rest assured!

That looks like a fight just waiting to happen! Right?


Well maybe we might have to give Saturnalia a pass and maybe do Christmas instead? With all that peace and happiness and whatnot? Hope y'all have your shopping well in hand - and that nobody is stressing out for the holidays! As always - thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I used to have a burro. They have a disposition closer to a dog than anything else. I'm not surprised that the burro is making friends with the cat.

    Burros are absolute hell on coyotes, and unfortunately dogs as well. They get along well with just about any other critter, although I had one farmer tell me his burro kept killing his chickens.