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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Filthicus: Saturnalia

Apparently ancient Roman tyrants like me celebrated Christmas by calling it Saturnalia and indulging in all kinds of tomfoolery: everyone ate too much, the women and slaves assumed leadership of the household during the festivities and good cheer was the name of the day - the dreariest, darkest and shortest one a the year.

Yeah - screw that. We will have blood, guts, and sport for the occasion! First up - the lions!

Hack! Sput…!!!! What in hell was that?
FIGHT, you buggardly crap factories!!!

Now that looked promising until those damned dawgz 
ruined everything!!!
I want those canines fed to the tigers this instant!!!

Doh!!!! I hope the tiger is tasting him...!!!
Otherwise I will need to find a monster that eats
tigers, cats and dogs!!!

Well, there goes that idea I guess. I did my best, friends and countrymen! I guess we'll have to all go back to the Christmas thing with gifts, feasts, and sparkly lights. I know - I am disappointed too! But at this time a year - folks gotta do what they gotta do to keep cabin fever and lunacy at bay.  :)

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