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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Filthie's Playhouse: Today's Secret Word Is 'Intersectionality'

When my daughter was a kid we'd watch Pee Wee's playhouse. One of his favourite games was to select the secret word of the day. If anyone said it, all the rug rats and gibbons would start jumping up and down and hooting andscreaming and freaking out! And then, of course, just to make sure that even the slow kids out in TV Land got it - he'd trick one of his puppet co-hosts into saying it and of course - bedlam and mayhem would ensue.

 Today all the millenial xirls and their androgenous variants of indeterminate gender do much the same thing whenever the word 'intersectionality' pops up. Seriously, they start moping and weeping and cussing and gobbing about patriarchy, rape, homophobia, racism - you name it! There's a couple others, but 'intersectionality' is the big one. Patriarchal scholars like The Z Man are on that one and they are still trying to figure out what it means. Even relative shit-libs like Jordan Peterson are stumped.

Stand aside men - for Dr. Filthie is here to explain all.

You may have heard of intersectionality - "the theory that the overlap of various social identities, such as race, gender, and sexuality, contributes to the systemic oppression and discrimination experienced by an individual" - but don't know how to compare your level of oppression with others. Now, you can!

Not only is intersectionality a real word - it is a real property that can be accurately and scientifically measured and scored!

Take the test.

I'm 93% more privileged than the rest a ya's! Get that? Jack, you will shine my shoes. Pete - be a sport and make sure my glass is always topped up, right? Good lad! M will shovel my sidewalks, WL will keep my truck shined and sparkling, TB, will clean my guns, and the rest of the world will fall to its knees before me.

93%, huh? Eat it, ya bitches!  :) If anyone needs me, I will be off for a day of sporting leisure. You have a master, you have your tasks - please make sure everything's done when I get back at the end of the day.

Have a great Saturday, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. My Poo-white-trash credentials gave me a 26 score. I guess I am doomed to the peon's tasks for the rest of my existence.

  2. I see you are part of the noble class too, BW?

    M, when you're done with the shovelling, go change the oil on BW's bike and winterize it for the season?


  3. My score is 13, which means I am 75% more privileged than everyone else. I'll be happy to shine your sneakers and slap some bear grease on your hunting boots just as soon as someone, anyone at all, can explain just how I get to cash in on that 75% privilege that I'm supposed to have.

  4. This whole thing is nuts anyway.