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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Future Crapcopter Pilot

And that boys, is what we call a good ol' fashion nigger-rigged African-American
Engineered electrical splice.
Let us hope that M is taking notes. 


  1. A tiewrap kearnys. That's genius, and insulated.

  2. All I can say is... "holy crap..."

  3. Alligator clips work well to..... when you got the get the lawn done and the riding mower won't start, its all about bypassing the safety switch under the seat...

  4. I don't know if you've read the latest: Bayou Renaissance Man: So who needs an explosive cargo?, but it seems that a group of unknown gadflies have shut down an airport in London by flying drones around the place. I gather that these are not your ubiquitous crapcopter (so often referred to as a point of contention due to its innate limited freight capacity, range, and maneuverability when under a load of C4 and an appropriate detonator), but are described as commercial grade drones. The ragheads have ceased to, as we say in the U.S. of A., fuck around.

    Naturally the resident know-it-alls suggested employing a shotgun in its primary office. For my own amusement, I left a comment:

    The drones are likely out of shotgun range, even if you're using a 10 gauge with an extra full choke and red hot loads. Even if the drones are inside shotgun range, the only people that the government would allow to shoot at the drones (under correct supervision, of course) would be the local police. Anyone for a round of sporting clays? What, no sporting clays in Jolly Old? Balderdash, man! How's a chap supposed to practice?

    Can you imagine something like this in, say, Pierre, South Dakota? A general announcement on the order of, "Hey, anyone with a shotgun and some high brass, will you please come out to the airport? We got these drones in the air, and we need a few guys to clean 'em out."

    Wait long enough and you'd have the entire town out there, shooting in shifts - and that includes the youth group borrowing Grandad's 12 gauge pump.

    I'm serious about Pierre, SD. You'd like living out there; they're our kind of people.

    I'm a bit tongue in cheek about Jolly Old. I'd think the authorities would employ electronic warfare to disable or to detect the operator of these commercial drones, but perhaps not. Licensing and all, you know.

    Modern fighter aircraft won't be able to fly slowly enough to take out a drone, and they're all powered by jet engines anyway. Just imagine a jet engine sucking up five pounds of C4... unfortunate.

    So what I'm thinking is that we fall back to the war to end all wars - WWI. We use bi-planes and tri-planes, two seaters with modern, light caliber machine guns. What do you think? We form a corporation and sell the idea to the Limeys, then find a few pilots. The gunners will be easy to find. Most of the time the anti-drone squadron will be waiting for the action to start, but when it does we'll knock 'em right out of the sky!

    How about it Glen? You interested?

    1. Oh hell, I am in!

      But you have to give up that penchant you have for Maxim machine guns WL! And all the other Hun guns you favour! ;)

    2. I'll cheerfully admit that the Maxim has a certain 'tried and true' quality about it, but it's a bit much to find a way to mount it, and it is known to have a few glitches. I'm thinking an American 180 might be right for the job. Or maybe a AA-12, full auto version.