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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Guns Of The Rich And Famous

When you are a celebrity blogger and superstar like me - ya run with the Cool Kids that live in the fast lane. And the guys in the fast lane go all-in for the classics:

M regales us with the restoration of this fine old classic - a Stevens 66C in .22!
Looks like a nice piece of wood on there too.

Apparently he can't miss with it - and I take him at his word. I have two modern 'his n' hers' CZ 22's and I'll be damned if they look any better than the Stevens. If I recall I shelled out around $500.00 apiece for them about 4 or 5 years ago. They are darned accurate rifles too - and I'll bet that Stevens would go head to head with them and not give an inch.

The most accurate .22 I ever shot was a battered ACE single shot - almost certainly made by the Canadian Cooey factory and stamped out by the thousands back in the 40's. It was my father-in-law's gun and he took good enough care of it I suppose. The only reason I put up with all his bullshit was that I hoped to inherit that rifle when the old bastard died and went to hell, HAR HAR HAR!!! 

One day his idiot son wanted to borrow it to learn his own kid everything he needs to know about guns.... except how to clean and store them. The dunce put it in some kind of cotton sock-thing, threw it in a corner downstairs and forgot about it. He did the same thing to his father's pristine old lever gun too, and a year later they were corroded wrecks. I almost wept.

I am trying to summon the will power to sell off my CZ's. They're beautiful guns but we never shoot them. Then I think about doing that... and I know damned well that I just go out buy some other one.

This little sweetheart is for sale over at Corwin for just under 400 beans.
It isn't a Martini; it's a Swiss R Fulzinger - whatever that is...
This old sweetheart has soul and character, if nothing else.

If I were to rewind my life, I'd never buy a new .22 again. There are just too many bargains and snipers to be had on the used gun racks. I have shot these old beaters and the latest and greatest target guns - and can say honestly that the old relics are just as much fun as the new guns.

When's the last time YOU shot a .22? Maybe you should grab some kids and rectify that?

Have a great Saturday.


  1. That Fulzinger looks interesting.
    I have one of the new take down Ruger 10/22s in stainless that I paid 400$ for, and I can't shoot it worth a crap. The rear sight is too close to my worn out eyes for them to see it as much more than a big smudge. Should probably sell it on. So when I first shot that old Stevens after dad gave it to me I was tickled I could actually hit what I was aiming at. I don't think he paid more than 50$ for that old Stevens. The bore is pristine, the outside not so much. The stock was cracked badly at the wrist as you saw from the photos. Just barely holding together. Dad said it was that way when he bought it to rid himself of a pesky groundhog that kept raiding his vegetable garden a few years ago. I pried the cracks apart with a screwdriver and stuffed it full of West epoxy and bound it up with electrical tape til it dried enough. I still need to refinish the stock and make it look pretty again.

    1. The 10/22 is a pig. There, I said it!

      They will shoot, but you basically have to rebuild the gun from the ground up as it comes from the factory and by then you can easily have a grand into them. And after all that they will never have the wood, the heart and the soul that old classics do! Mine is sitting in the basement downstairs and I can't remember the last time I fired it.