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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Question: How Many Iraqies Had To Die To Fuel This Gas Gobbler?

Answer: Who cares?


  1. Who cares? Just think of the jobs it's creating at the Rustoleum factory!!!

    'Had a friend back in the 70's who had a '65 Ford Galaxie 500 with similar optics. 'Damn thing had an engine in it with so much torque, he had to chain it to the chassis to keep it from tearing itself loose of the engine mounts!

    1. To this day my dad still gloats about a blown 49 Merc that he and his pals built. "It'd eat Mustangs ALIVE!!!" Unfortunately it did the same to their wallets and Pop cashed in and got out of drag racing early.

  2. I'd say "all of them," but that's just wishful thinking.