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Monday, 17 December 2018

Some Random Screaming Memies

Well it's Christmas rolling round again. I'm seeing the stress already - people are driving like arseholes and nearly colliding because they're racing deadlines, coping with work and family and life and trying to fit in The Perfect Christmas around all that and possibly some family feuds to boot. This year I am buying a few stocking stuffers for the wife and the rest of the world can go straight to hell for Christmas - I couldn't care less. I am going to tell my wife how much I love her, maybe take the Dawgz for a picnic, maybe have a scotch or two and do some tinkering down on the gun bench or maybe play with the Crapcopters. It's gonna be pretty quiet.

Mind you, there is a LOT to be said for quiet! No family feuds, no drama, no cheap shots, no bullchit. The past few Christmases have been pretty darn decent and have given me time to orient myself and achieve some measure of peace and contentment. Flapz' daughter flipped her lid the way my daughter did and him and his wife went scurrying after the 'kid' - in her early 20's - and they sat down and supposedly worked out all their differences. They had to go out to the coast to do that too. I let Flapz run with that; the way he described it his daughter was acting like a child too. She certainly had maturity problems and they are of the kind where if they are stupid enough to create problems like that once - they are stupid enough to do it again. I think he's going to have to wash his hands of the kids and their self inflicted problems at some point like I did... but time will tell. Maybe they helped the kid grow up, who knows? I wish him well. Flapz is greyer than I am, has developed blood pressure issues, and he's 8 years younger than I am. His Christmas will be interesting, no doubt.

I myself am finding hardly any use for my old dreams anymore. All I would like is a chair like that, a GOOD book with a theme, a plot, and some engagement. The last good book I read was a couple years back when I bought one of WL Emery's true crime yarns off Kindle. He has more out and I should buy some of those too over the holidays. For me, all is good enough with a good chair, a dawg or two nearby, and some peace and quiet.

Hope you all have a blessed and merry Christmas teed up.


  1. Local radio stations have been playing Christmas songs since before Thanksgiving. At the start, it's not too bad, but now, waiting for a favorite song is like picking corn from horse apples.

    Last Sunday, after parking my butt on the front porch, with a good cup of coffee, the quiet was almost deafening. The only sounds were a few roosters in the distance, and the occasional bird songs. There was no traffic, people were still in their houses, the dogs were quiet, and I would have shot a car, if it came by with a loud radio. It was nice, and I enjoyed every minute of the quiet.

  2. Whatever happened to the twelve days of Christmas? Both the local Homedepot and Wallyworld set their Christmas crap up before thanksgiving. Talk about a gag effect.
    If you are looking for a good read, try Stranger in the Woods, by Michael Finkel. Should keep you distracted for a couple days.
    A couple more good reads:

  3. Jess there are times where I just think about saying fuggit - and moving to some tar paper shack 20 miles west of East Overshoe and retiring to the rural life. I would love to hear chickens and smell horses again.

    Thanks for the recommendations, M! I will check them out!

  4. Glen, I am feeling a powerful pull to just ditch everything and live somewhere small and away from everyone. Not sure if it is the season, or just a periodic thing. But it is strong.