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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Step Outside With Me, Men...

As I write this it's -15C up here in Canukistan. The pakies, pussies, and pimple faced are staying indoors and huddling for warmth and bitching about the weather - which leaves the Great Outdoors wide open for us! I think one a the reasons so many people are so stupid is because they get squirrelly with cabin fever up here.

But I digress! For awhile now I've been going stir crazy being cooped up inside and it's silly - I am going to turn into one of them if I don't get outdoors enough! When we were kids we'd go out and camp in temps down into the -20's without a second thought - but we had all the gear too. It was downright enjoyable because we had all the right equipment. But my gear slowly started dispersing a couple years back along with the wood fired outfitters tent and such - it was just too much clutter. I thought I'd give up the great outdoors and do all my camping in the warmer summer months like all the other old farts... and I can't handle it. I need to get out or I'll go nuts. I need the night, the campfire, the scotch, the works.

To do that, I am changing my strategy. Rather than huge outfitters tents with their stoves, frames, and cots and other bulk and clutter - I will just use the back of the Short Bus for my outdoor excursions. Problem is that I may need to heat it as I am older and my blood doesn't run as hot as it used too. I am becoming a creepy old geezer like BW or Jack or M, HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Errr...still haven't dealt with the Christmas clutter yet boys. Sorry for 
the mess!

We are gonna try propane for this application. I've heard that condensation and fumes can be problematic in confined spaces like the truck - so we'll see, I guess. With all due respects to Hank Hill I have always been contemptuous of propane and other un-manly camp fuels.

You watch your temper or I will kick YOUR ass, Hank!
I am not impressed with propane for heating or BBQing, to be honest,
and if ya wanna get stupid about it - now's the time!

Propane starts to misbehave at colder temps but that should not be a problem at all for me. All ya gotta do is warm it up a bit. I can put the bottle near the camp fire or in the cab of the truck for a bit - you just have to warm it up a bit - and then spark it off in the back and it will warm itself up.

She's in the back of the short bus now and we'll see what Mr. Heater can in a harf an hour
or so. 

I will call it good if she can melt the ice and snow off the back window.

If you hear an explosion from up around Aaaaaaadmontin… you will know what happened. Don't let Pete or Jack defile my corpse please!

Otherwise - I'll keep ya posted.


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  2. OK lets try that again... as I was saying....
    Careful with the screen that is right next to the mantle on that Mr Heater, they are very tender and shatter very easily ..... and then they don't work so well anymore. But that thing is way over kill for use in a truck. For heating the back of a truck with a cap on it, I have found one of those compact single mantle gas lanterns puts out enough heat to allow you to strip to you birthday suit below freezing temps. And you can read by it too. As for ventilation, if you have a slider window on the cap just open it a crack the escaping heat will draw fresh air in around the tailgate gap.

  3. I agree with M. Silvius. Back in the 1960s my father bought a pickup truck camper which had a gas light in the main (and only) room. We rarely used the heater, as the heat thrown out from the gas light kept the whole place warm.

    Not to say that your heater is a bad investment, because it isn't. It'll heat a much larger area than the rear of your truck, and if you're careful with the mantle and screen this rig will last for years. If you could circulate the air, you could probably heat your house with it in the middle of a Canadian cold snap.

  4. Thanks for the input, guys. Long story short, the Short Bus experiment failed. Details to follow shortly!