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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Sunday Scibble: IPSC

I've always frowned on IPSC and IDPA. The games arose from the genius of St. Cooper. Jeff was an intelligent, white male mitten head and former jar head that understood pistolcraft as an art as well as a science. Current poseurs and gas bags will say crap like 'the purpose of the pistol is to fight your way to your rifle'.  If you tackle an opponent that is an acolyte of practical pistolcraft with that mindset... you're dead. A real pistoleer will blow your brains out before you get anywhere near your rifle!

IPSC is a practical pistol discipline that teaches shooting as an athletic endeavour and those that master it are truly formidable opponents if a tactical situation develops. They develop the muscle memory and athletic skills to bring their guns into play in close quarters situations - which has always turned me right off. I am the sort that believes in prevention and precaution - and will usually avoid 'tactical situations' altogether. Running around, blasting off ridiculous amounts of ammo at ridiculously close targets that are ridiculously large has always stuck in my craw sideways. If I ever had to shoot in anger I'd pot the bad guys while they're 300 yards out! HAR HAR HAR! What kind of idiot lets them get so close? Tactically speaking it is a valid mindset - a pound of prevention is worth a tonne of cure. But let us game this out and indulge in free thought!

We need to be brutally honest about carry guns.

This is a pistol meant for playing games.

If all you need is a gun to settle differences of opinion and/or government and social work...

...any piece of ...

...shit will do...

the job. (With all due apologies to the squaddies and law enforcement, of course. But
when black pimps are using the same guns you are - the truth is what it is!

GAH. I hate 9mm's.

But last night I got dragged out to a local IPSC match by the boys and it looked like a good time. There were all kinds there - 'gun bunnies', tatted up beardos, women, old stubfarts like me, even a geriatric who seriously had to be pushing his 80's. It was awesome - guns were out on the tables or on holsters everywhere and nobody was a dink or an a-hole. Everyone chatted and had a good time. Because you are going through a pile of ammo and losing half your brass - a 9mm starts making sense.

Because of the peer pressure from my retarded friends, and the realities of IPSC... I am kinda hooped. I need a gun that is halfway between a full blown race gun and a POS like the three suspects above. I don't want to be shooting my beloved .45's on foolish games like this. So for hacking around on the IPSC course a pea shooter like the 9mm is probably actually to be desired. And to an eminently practical man like myself, who has no need to impress anyone but still wants to maybe compete on a half-arsed level...

The gun wanks are all saying this is too heavy to be considered a practical pistol.

That's the CZ Shadow 2. It was designed as a competition/carry hybrid. It's heavy - and I loves me my heavy guns. It has metal grips - which I hate. But the sights are adjustable, the front's a fibre optic, and they are only 1300 bucks. The gun wanks claim the trigger is first rate, and contrary to the US Military, the CZ 75 is hands down a better gun that the Beretta 92 and the old Browning Hi Powers that Canadian squaddies are still using. I won't talk about Glocks because I have psychological issues with anger and rage management.

Hmmmmmm. 9mm? I wonder if I should get into this?


  1. Funny thing about people that are serious about their weapons: no is a stupid fool with them. It is only the poseurs - those with the desire for the "look" or the power without the understanding of what a weapon can really do - that are the dangerous idiots of the world.

    Somewhere on the Interweb there is a picture of a guy getting his nose split by a katana when he holds a sausage in his mouth and a friend tried to cut it off. No responsible swordsman or woman would ever do such a thing.

    If you do not want to take the responsibility, do not take the weapon. But by God, do not deny it to those of us that do.

  2. " I wonder if I should get into this?"

    Since getting into this involves a gun purchase and shooting, the idea requires careful consideration of the pluses and minuses.
    That will take a time interval smaller than any measurable interval known to science.
    Buy a new gun? Try a shooting sport?

  3. Humph...there you go dissing on us pedestrians again. I think I'll stick with my CZ75D compact (Tru-glo sights) and my Star BM. Both shoot better than my worn out eyes can see. That formula one race gun won't improve my odds any.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, boys! TB I actually saw an article in the National Post today saying a gun ban isn't even worth considering. The idiots in the mass media are teasing me all the time now with signs that they may be shaking off the progressive/socialist poz. I certainly hope so.

    Good to see ya, John. You'd make a great financial investment councillor in my scholarly opinion! The measure of a man's intellect is by how much he agrees with you! HAR HAR HAR!

    Not familiar with the Star, M... but I am all over CZ. Those guys build great guns and no bones about it. I fear I've turned into something of a weapons snob and it is good to be rebuked by a moral authority - lest one become arrogant... like Pete, Quartermain and Jack! HAR HAR HAR!!!

    1. Moral is the last concept associated with this heathen. LOL. I am a bottom feeder at heart and love cheap surplus deals. The Star BM is a scaled down 1911 pattern 9mm made in Spain and used by the Guardia Civil and military through the late 80s. They lack the grip safety of the 1911, but otherwise they are excellent quality. Century Arms has just imported a big pile of them and the usual suspects are selling them around the 200U$ mark. A lot have been rode hard and put away wet, so they look like crap, but are still mechanically sound. Cheap enough to buy a couple at a time. Not sure if they are available up in Kanukistan.
      Mine is a non surplus/commercial market early import without all the nasty CAI markings in near mint condition. More info here: