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Sunday, 9 December 2018


It's been an odd week. It's the wife's fault actually. She is a big wheel at the local church and understandably so - she's a saint, and she listens to everyone. The older ladies of the church love her as many are widowers, or elderly and spend too much time round their husbands, perhaps, HAR HAR HAR! I've had the house to myself all week while she was away at church functions. She's also come down with a cold and at night she snores at decibel levels that would drown out a 747 on take off. I can't sleep, so I'd open up the iPad and read the stuff that finks like Jack, TB and BW write at unholy hours of the night. The light from it wakes her up and so neither of us slept until she got up and set up on the couch in the TV room.

It didn't even occur to my worthless ass to think that I should've packed up and hit the couch...but I slept like a bug in a rug after that. She had an electric blanket and from the sound of the afterburners - I think she slept well too... so it all worked out.

Today I skipped church and will be out on Dawg Patrol with my puppies. Make sure y'all make some time for yourselves too - it's easy to get carried away by life and let your own crap slide as you help others out with theirs. Errr… that's an order!

And, as usual - thanks for stopping in!  :)


  1. Glen, I find I often wake up at night. It is just easier for me to relocate than continue to lay there and risk waking The Ravishing Mrs. TB up. I get a blanket and pillow and find I can get through the rest of the night rather well.

  2. Yes we snore, but can she snore on the inhale as well as the exhale with equal vigor. That's my special talent.