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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The Filthie Blasphemer


I suppose that being an outhouse Christian of sorts I should be offended at stuff like this. From what I've heard, Mad Dog is about as straight and true as arrows can fly, and he himself might have a few words for the idiots that made this - and the idiots that laugh at it. If I finish my 50 push ups I will go and peel potatoes and clean the terlets I guess.

It's those goofs on Gab. Most of their humour has degenerated into dreck but occasionally they connect with my funny bone and I get laid out flat. The last time those finks did something like this, they hijacked a pic from that book of children's bible stories. It was that one where the frogs and toads come raining down from heaven on the Egyptians - only all the frogs looked like that disgusting amphibian that was always seen licking the flies of Hillary's face during the election.

I guess this religion thing might call for a modicum of maturity that I just don't have yet.

I dearly hope my Maker has a sense of humour or I am hooped.


  1. Gab was a struggle for me, Glen. I tried it for a bit hoping it would be the anti-Twitter but just found things a little too...well, awful for me to stay on there for me.

    Sadly, the good, conservative, thoughtful on-line association really just does not seem to exist.

  2. You really have to believe in free speech, and be very selective of what you look at over there. There are some truly poisonous minds over there that almost make a case for state sponsored censorship! I read the jokes, and one of the groups called ‘trad life’ which is just perfect for a high speed, low drag retronaut like myself. I only read there, I don’t post...