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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The Filthie Geopolitician: Ya Friends And Ya Enemies

I am still chuckling.

I wanted to punch something back when Turdo La Doo was peacocking for the stupid kids when he almost-diplomatically flipped the bird at Donald Trump and the US. The spergs and the chattering skulls stood up on their hind feet and applauded too. "The US can go suck a fart, we have BIG friends in other markets!" That was the message our gov't wanted to give yours and Trump is no idiot. He heard it loud and clear. Our new bestest buddies - the chinks - will look out for us now.

What could possibly go wrong?

The problem with dealing with the Chinese is that they are Chinese. They lie, cheat and steal anything that isn't nailed down. Those are cultural cornerstones for them. They're really good at it, and they are getting better all the time. They are not capitalists. It's not just Canadians that are learning the bitter truth about anti-Americanism. Many African nations, seeking freedom from filthy American imperialists - have struck alliances with China. To their dismay, the parterships by and large are not working out well. Apparently Chinese are all racists that think blacks are violent and stupid and they have the bloody gall to say it too!


The other day me and my boss, Matt The Rat - were trying to understand a new product our Chinese supplier wanted to release into the market. We had a telecon with one of our customers, assembled a list of questions about it - and then parted ways. The customer went back to work, and we took his questions back to our Chinese supplier and their tech department. We had three questions - all pretty much yes or no types, and one that required a clarification.

The response we got back was gibberish - written in Chinglish. "Well, that answers that! LOL" I said to Matt in an email. The phone rings and Matt is on the blower. "Did you understand that, Glen? I don't believe these guys - let's do a teleconference and see if we can get this cleared up!"

So we spent the next 20 minutes on the line with some fuggin clippers that basically spoke English as well as they wrote it. I let Matt run with that, no way was I going to try and guess at what these monkeys were saying. It sounded like a down town Saigon fish market on the other end of the conference - or maybe two ducks copulating.

Poor Matt - he has a nasty cold, he's behind and crap like this is the last thing he needs. "Whaddya make of that, Filthie? Ya see what I gotta put up with? Did you understand any of that...???"

"I think so, Matt. The message was that we should not sell the product because if the customer has any problems with it - we will not be able to support him. I'm not trying to be a dink - but it is what it is."

The other message I got from that is this: if you plan on partnering up with the Chinese - you'd better be able to speak their language. That - and keep one hand on your wallet.


  1. When your ass and everything that's connected to it, including your thoughts, belong to the government, you don't have a choice but to cheat and steal if you are going to stay alive. Do that for a couple of generations and it becomes standard operating procedure cause they don't know any better and nothing else works. Look at every single third world crap-hole, it is invariably always the same. There was a reason that back in Venezuela where I grew up they called Americans "Gringo Pendejo". They were so naive that way.

  2. I don't think speaking the language is going to help. I have some insights into the Chinese character: if they aren't family, you can't trust them. It's as simple as that.