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Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Times are tough up here in Alberta right now. You can buy a barrel of Alberta crude oil for less than an equivalent volume of bottled water. The local petro-economy has tanked' Our socialist cow of a premiere - is utterly out of her depth. Before she got the job she was a 'public educator' and a product of the Alberta Teacher's Association - a union slob that didn't have to worry about the realities of markets, economics, and trade.

Our Prime Minister is likewise a former public educator - he gained valuable life experience and honed his skill as a statesman as a ski instructor and a substitute drama teacher. He's also your typical trust fund baby who can't tell friends from enemies. He basically flipped America the bird, and figured he'd snuggle up to our new besties and trade partners in China. Right now they are about as pleased with us as Trump is. Like our premiere, he has no clue about where to go or how to get there. Even his former friends are turning on him. The lickspittles in the media aren't being kind to him at all. It's the perfect storm: tough economic times, and feckless, entitled leaders without a clue about economics. And they aren't done yet - Turdo La Deux wants to import boatloads of stupid, violent economic refugees for me to support because tolerance! Multiculturalism!!! We'll be lucky if people don't start wearing yellow vests and trashing the place soon.

For dirt people like me things can be pretty dire right now. I've got friends looking for jobs in this economy and facing Christmas without a paycheque. I am doing alright myself - I found a little un-popped bubble in the economy where I may or may not be able to ride things out for awhile. We will do what we always do - hunker down and endure as our elites virtrue-signal and shrug when that doesn't work. They'll be alright, they have posh retirement plans and entitlements they never had to work for.

Today, we get have to lay all that aside. We have to lay A LOT of things aside up here in Alberta right now, if ya catch my drift. We may be down, but by God Almighty - we are not out! Fact is I have been here before. Same thing happened here 30 years ago. Back then I was a kid entering the workforce and could only find scut jobs. My parents and in laws looked down their noses at me and figured it was because I was an idiot - until they started losing their jobs too. 

I loved the Barenaked Ladies the second I heard them. Living as we were in dark times, much of our music of the period was dark. Grunge culture popped up among the kids as the first generation of cellar dwellers were made. The economy had no room for them, their elders had no respect for them and didn't understand them, and suicidal creeps like Kurt Cobain sang of their rage and hopelessness from the radio every time ya turned around. By contrast, the BNL were upbeat, cheerful and corny.

God gave us a sense of humour to face such times and what a wonderful gift it is: from it you can leverage other virtues like courage and wisdom. For those of you in tough times - stoke it! Feed it! 
It's hard work at first but it gets easier.

Keep after it, and have yourself a very, Merry Christmas.
And by all means - spare a smirk for these irreverent proto-hipsters
and Sarah McBallgargler as
they do a rather good job of interpreting
a Christmas classic without 
defiling it.
As always, friends - thanks again for dropping in!

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