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Monday, 10 December 2018

Toldjya So...

This one's floatin' round the innernet.

I believed the pretty lies of my elders until I graduated. When I hit the real world it was culture shock. It took me ten years to get my poop in a group and sort myself out.

I am a little bitter and twisted about them telling me those pretty lies. I am disgusted with myself for letting myself believe them. It made me crazy when they told my own kid that codswallop. They're still at it today.

The fourth generation is hard at it, the one I like the best is "follow your dreams, and the money will follow that..." Now we have a whole generation of idiot kids with fake degrees in nothing like arts and gender studies.

As an old curmudgeon I have no dawgs in that fight anymore. Keep living the dream, kids - and the money will be along any minute now...


  1. Glen, the whole "Do you what want and the money will follow" is, for 95% of us, the equivalent of the fairy tale we heard as kids. Those that follow their hearts into the degrees are the ones who, for the most part, are never going to pay back the loans the took out to pay for that degree.

    I have counseled my children for years now that they need to get something they can get a job in: if you want to follow your dream, great - but get an actual useful degree as well.

  2. You did mighty fine as a father, TB!

    1. Thanks Glen. We will see if the advice is actually used.