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Saturday, 29 December 2018


From Coopville.

God bless you and your hubby, CM.


  1. One commentator mentioned suicide. Is there any truth to that?

    1. I think that was ASM's son.

      How does this stuff happen to us Jack? I don't get it. This is the second time this year - third, counting ASM: they're normal, loving parents, average in every way. They work hard, do well for themselves and their kids... and then Shit Happens. There's no reason to it, they can't prep for it, and … poof! They're gone. I hear shite like this and it opens up a bit of my own pain with estranged daughter... gah! And my pain is probably 1/10th of what theirs is.

      I need a bourbon, Jack. Or maybe a bible. Maybe both.

    2. I truly don't know.

      We have freedom of choice, and I've heard people say that suicide is the result of a complete loss of hope for a better tomorrow; your life will never be better than it is now, it'll only get worse and there's no way to change.

      These days I wouldn't classify the parents as average. I'd say they were above the average parent.

      I've had some association with several suicides and suicide attempts. One co-worker killed himself in 1982, and that could have been prevented. I had a HS classmate die from a drug overdose in 1970; probably deliberate.

      I think the worst is when a good friend of mine lost his grandson, and described the time after as 'a living hell'.

      It's possible that people don't consider the damage they'll do to the friends and family they leave behind should they commit suicide.

      One thing that helps is having someone outside you immediate circle of friends and family to talk to. Someone non-judgemental who will keep secrets and give advice when asked. Another thing that helps is being able to completely change your environment. Removing yourself from a toxic environment into a stable environment is a lot like flipping a light switch - you never realized how dark it was until you turned on the light.

      So, I have no real answers, but those are my few thoughts on the subject. I recommend Bible first, bourbon later.

      If you feel like it, send me an email and I'll tell you about Lurch.

  2. I didn't catch your email, Jack. Not to be a dink, but maybe ya could drop ME a line maybe? My email is

    I'd love to come down there and put a bottle of my best scotch against your bourbon or WL's gin. An impartial campfire would make the perfect judge IMHO...