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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

New Year SITREP: 1/1/19

At this time of year all the smart kids are making predictions and summing up their 2018 and it's come to my attention that some a ya's have been put through the wringer. If that has been your lot - please see my previous post. You have friends here at the Thunderbox, and all the Steamers on the Toilet Roll are good for a thoughtful conversation, an inspiration or even a rude joke. Lean on us if ya can. That's an order!

2018 was a good year for me. I still have some burdens and problems of my own that I can't seem to let go of ... but they drag a lot further behind me than they once did. Some of those hard journeys are coming to an end... but new and exciting trails beckon. Why - I find myself on a pilgrimage of sorts, HAR HAR HAR!

  • The Short Bus Experiment was a bust. If you recall, in the last days of the last year I had wanted to heat the back of my truck with a propane heater for the long range Dog Patrols and the odd excursion to hostile gun clubs where I need to project my authority and protect my interests against other despicable gun club stubfarts like ASM, Borepatch, and misc other vagrants. I've decided to finally go pro and may need to travel from time to time. I also want to do some laid back winter camp trips into the forest and maybe just crack a few off with the .22's too. But getting back to the Short Bus Experiment - the heater worked fine! But the problem with propane - or butane or pentane or any of the other organic gases - is that H2O vapour is a biproduct of the chemical combustion. All that moisture ends up on everything in the back and on the windows and that's a Bad Thing on winter campouts. You DO NOT want to get wet - do not ask me how I know this.
  • This brings on Stage Two of The Short Bus Experiment. I was thinking of a mini-woodstove for the purpose of heating the space and may yet still go there. But there are problems with that too: space is at a premium and even the small mini-stoves present installation challenges. That, and I'd have to start drilling holes in the cap and I really don't want to do that. Here is possibly the best answer to the conundrum:

That's the cheapest -40C bag I can find. It's around 600 bucks,
and is sold by the flimps and yuppies at MEC.

Ya gotta be careful with bags ... that -40C is a survival rating, not a comfort rating. I may have lucked out though - I may still have my Spike Camp mummy bag and if I do I am good to go. That thing carries a -40C comfort rating - and will be superior to the stuff offered by the chinks through their lickspittles at MEC. I hate MEC with a passion, it is run by environmentalists, elderly hippies, queers and crusading SJW types. They buy their stuff from commies abroad and sell it to commies here in Canada! HAR HAR HAR!!! But I digress - if I have my old bag all I gotta do is load up the Short Bus and head out! I'll keep ya posted.

2019 promises to be a good year because I just discovered these guys. HFS! Their mission statement is "Caffinated As Fuck!" HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! They even have a store up here in St. Fat Albert - just north of Aaaaaadmontin. I am gonna see if I can meet BW there for coffee this year. We can get wired up on caffeine and then get strapped with hand grenades, land mines and side arms! He will grow a big bushy beard and I will get sleeve tattoos up and down my arms. If there is a better answer to Starbucks or Tim Hortons - I have yet to see it!  :)

And of course, my future involves more lies and rude jokes and petty squabbles with the other creepy bloggers I hang out with. 2019 isn't looking half bad but who knows?

I dunno where I saw it (might a been one a the bums on TB's blog roll) - but it was something worth thinking about and passing on. The guy basically said that if you had to distill the bible down to one sentence it was basically "Give us this day." He said that basically everything in your life happened for the express purpose of putting you exactly where you are today; and that everything that comes from this point forward will result from what you choose to do right now.

So for me, that means a big breakfast, a long dog walk and burning meat on the firepit later today. Obviously my Maker doesn't have any big plans for me and that is just fine by me. If He or my friends or acqaintances need me - I'm around.

Have a great new year you guys. 


  1. Be brave Glenn, put the sawsall to that cap. You need one of these. It will keep you dry and cozy.

    1. I am seriously considering it but we'll see, Mike. I found my old -40C fart sack so I may be alright. Everything will come down to proper space management - I've seen some of the Possum Lodge/Red Green guys making excellent mini-wood stoves out of ammo cans too...

    2. An ammo can or a 20 lb propane tank might work. I made one out of a 40lb propane tank a while back.
      To run the chimney through the cap you can do a neat job using an eight inch marine deck plate/hatch so that when not in use you can remove it and cap it with the lid.

    3. The problem I have is this, though: the cap on my truck is all sloping compound curves. I need something that can mold or shape itself to that curve. Have you got any ideas Mike?

      I was going to do this years ago and I think I even saw your old propane bottle stove post back then. Jeez, that is a sweet piece of work. But that brings me to a second problem - I don't want to roll into the stove in the middle of the night in my sleep and start my fart sack on fire. I need to get the stove up off the deck of the truck and securely hold and support the stove. I also don't want clinkers landing on my fart sack either because holing nylon is pretty easy to do around campfires...

    4. Yea for the truck you need to scale it all down. The stove would have to be elevated on a shelf/tray, perhaps over a wheel well?. Have you seen these rigs?
      Not cheap but a fellow who was handy with a grinder and a welder could make one out of quarter inch plate steel. Check out some of the instillation images. They fit them in some tight quarters with sloping ceilings.

    5. here is another one, still not cheap but better. Note the wall mount kit.