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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Aviation Grade Camp Coffee

Back in the bad ol' days the lightest camp stoves on the market were made by our good friends over at Coleman. I still have mine but it no longer holds pressure and doesn't run very well.

I still have it and should throw it out... but that thing has a lot of good memories tied up in it. In it's day that thing ran like a top and my wife could make anything on it. Back when we were younger and hard core we found it started running erratically in temps below -15~20C. When it finally crapped out I bowed to the inevitable and retired it and figured I'd upgrade to a newer unit that was much the same but could theoretically burn multiple fuels. I could see that being a handy feature, I suppose.

But then the guys at the ATV and rod n' gun club stumbled upon these:

It uses proprietary iso-butyl fuel canisters but the whole shebang fits into the pot that it comes with. It will literally boil a pot full of water in a minute or two and it sounds like a bloody jet when it's running.

Awhile back I was watching this YouTubing cowboy learn us everything we need to know about making good camp coffee and he said ya gotta boil the coffee for a bit to really improve the taste so I figured I'd give it a whirl on the Jet Boil.

Errrr…. pardon the mess!
The wife seems to think the kitchen is a place to cook and
eat and doesn't realize that I need it
to store valuable junk and play with my toys.

The wife found me some premium coffee bags that work like tea bags. I pitched them into the pot, and brought 'er down to a rolling boil... I was kind of worried the bags might melt and make a mess but they held together and the batch of coffee went off like a charm!

Now I am not a coffee authority or anything - but I'll be damned if that wasn't one mighty fine cup of joe! I like my coffee black and strong and I will drink it out of a trough or jerry can and enjoy it. But this batch was something mighty fine. All ya do is let it run at a rolling boil for a bit - and the ol' cowboy off YouTube is right! You DO get a better cup of coffee from boiling it!

I am seriously contemplating getting another one of these stoves and stashing it in the motorcycle with a couple of cups. Ya never know when you might get stopped by a fellow traveller or local and might have to entertain...  :)


  1. And when the gear queers decide the butane canisters are not PC enough anymore and that you must run your bunsen burner on snwoflake farts instead you'll be hosed on that Jet-festering-boil. Don't you dare pitch that Coleman 502 out. They are solid stoves and completely rebuildable. Worth every bit of 50 U$ today. The 502 will run on car gas when you need it to. Send it my way and I'll fix it for ya. I found one by the side of the road someone shitcanned on trash day. A little bit of cleaning and it has served me for over 25 years and still runs like a top.

    1. LOL. You are absolutely right, M! I've done the rebuild kits on it three times but I think the valve or generator might have waxed up.

      And yes, my faggy Jet Boil is not nearly as manly as the trusty Coleman. The local outlet for Jet Boil is MEC - Mountain Equipment Coop. I'm not kiddin' ya - every second guy that goes in there is a fuggin flimp, or a greasy hippy, or a plaid clad carpet munching dyke! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

      In the campware section where they sell these, they now sell this gizmo that punctures the spent fuel can, and crunches it down so you can throw it in with your pop cans when you recycle! I figure I will just keep the empties and when I find a prius or electric car with the window rolled down - I will dump them all in and let the envirotard recycle them for me! :)

    2. Technically you are supposed to use white gas but you can burn car gas. They will clog up over time if you use leaded gas. Unleaded is better. They can be cleared with carb cleaner, or you can just replace it with a new generator tube.