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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Back Into The Deep Freeze, Gawdammitalltohell...

It's not bad now but on the weekend the temps are supposed to dive again. It was warm but slick out today and a few idiots went into the ditch. I'm not surprised, there were a lot of angry jerks on the road and rage and ice don't go together well.

I know I have had enough of it; I am starting to get cabin fever. I did manage to get an extended dawg patrol in last night but our usual route had blown over so we went 3/4 of the way round and came back which amounted to a walk and a half for the hooples so they got a break too.

This is why the local Ukranians that founded Alberta are so fond of garish colours. Snobbish locals look at their awful colour clashes and don't realize how refreshing those colours might be to someone who has been stuck inside with nothing to look at outside except white and various shades of grey.

Usually February puts an end to this shite - we get blinding sun reflected off the snow and low temps... so who knows. I'd be happy with a bit of sunshine too.


  1. We don't have snow down here right now, but we have been having torrential rain and high winds for days now. Trees coming down left and right, power outages, and the creeks are getting up so high some people can't get out to the road. We live in interesting times.

  2. It makes for interesting people, Harry. I remember years ago the lights went out in downtown Toronto - and the media made it sound like an atom bomb had gone off. I'm not kidding - I saw a woman literally moaning and mooing in fright. Others were a tick away from panic.

    Cleaning up the cities in WW3 is going to be a cake walk.