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Monday, 11 February 2019

Falling In Love At 55

I am blinded by her beauty. Her siren song fills my ears with tranquility and my heart with love. The sun dances on the waves with all the grace that she does.

She's completely amphibious, an absolute demon in mud, and - if ya put on
the accessory tank treads - she's a snow bunny in winter, 
even in the deepest powder drifts!!!

I've been binge watching this ol' stubfart for a couple days now.

I am somewhat familiar with the area that Michael and Esme camp in. I've hunted and fished west of Edson for years. I used to have an ATV years ago but as I got older it just sat round and collected dust. I stopped hunting and camping but lately - I've been hankering for the outdoors again. We used to camp all year round, even in winter. 

I need something to do with myself in my old age or I'll be on the S&W retirement plan before my time, HAR HAR HAR!!! 

I miss the forest, the snow, and the silence.  Might have to sell the camper and go back to basics.


  1. AH!, reminds me the good ole days of the Cushman......sure to get you anywhere remote on the face of the planet and then promptly break down, leaving you stranded and wondering what to do with a half ton of immovable shit.

  2. yea but he didn't do so well with that thing in his last trip.

  3. That thing needs a roll bar, a winch, and a fold down windshield in the worst way. It's top heavy.

  4. We had something like this up in Alaska when I was in the Coast Guard in the early '80's. I don't remember the make/model of the thing. Everyone just called it a "mule." 'Don't remember whether or not it floated though. It steered with joysticks, like a tank...

  5. I've been hearing good things of Argo as of late. These machines are slow, bumpy and not given to stunting which leaves the younger crowd unimpressed. But for the older gent who just wants a back country work horse - they are catching on. I may be a little too old for this though. Maybe in the next life. :(