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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Family Day In Alberta

Monday is Family Day up here in Alberta  - a civic holiday meant to get families together and break up the winter before the arrival of spring. We aren't going to see the ice melt until the middle of April sometime.

When my family cratered I was torn right up about it. Being raised by shitlibs and cucks as I was, even I did not see the lunacy they were capable of even when it started manifesting itself in obvious and tangible ways. When it did, I'd just pour another beer and soak my heart, or pack up and go shooting or camping just to get away. Or grit my teeth. I'd tell myself everything is alright, things would work out, they'd come to their senses and all was well.

And each year, things got a little nuttier and stupider than the last.

Finally things got so bad that it all just blew up, and three generations of formerly solid family just went *POOF!* in the matter of a couple hours. Even in the wake of that, I'd tell myself that this was just a spat that would blow over, they'd see the error of their ways and maybe we could patch things up.

And each year, the silence and separation dragged out.

Jeez, I tore myself to shreds for years over it. Still do, from time to time. But each year, the ache and hurt abates, and each year the sense of loss becomes smaller and smaller. When I look back on the shit that came off those people - GAH. I hate to say it, but the truth of the matter is that things are better the way they are now.

I learned some things the hard way - which I will pass on to you. If you have shitlibs, cucks, or social justice warriors in your family - keep your distance from them, and minimize your contact with them. Keep them the hell away from your kids. Whatever you do - don't let them get into your family or at your kids. Keep things frosty and distant because they are probably going to hurt themselves sooner rather than later - and they will take you along for the ride if they are able. There's nothing you can do, there is no compromise you can come to with them. Like alcoholics, they have to reach rock bottom before they will ever straighten out and even then, most will not be able to see the forest for the trees. They'll blame everyone else for their miseries and failures but themselves.

The other thing I'd recommend is that if your kid is in public school - get them out. NOW. All they are going to learn there is how to do drugs, and throw away their morals and ethics. You want to build those in kids, not destroy them. Up here the unionized pooch screwers that pose as public educators are trying to do away with tests and deadlines because they are too hurtful to the student's self esteem. It's bullshit; they just want to babysit the kids, and don't want to do the work of teaching them. Uncle Bob used to say that if he were in charge he'd burn down the public schools with the teachers trapped inside, and salt the earth upon which they stood afterward. All I can say to that is I will arm wrestle anyone for the honour of throwing the match on the gasoline, HAR HAR HAR!!!

And of course, even if ya do everything right as a parent - you are only 50% of the equation. You can do everything right and everything can still go to hell in a handbasket.

Modern people are solely focused on the branches of the family, it seems to me - and stupid people are busily digging and chopping at the roots to settle old scores and grievances. They're too damned stupid that once the roots let go - the tree goes down, branches and all.

Dig in fellas. Hold fast. God Bless.

Have a good Monday.

Errr - an addendum might be in order here too:


  1. Keeping your children away from toxic authority figures is key. When the kids are old enough, you can start explaining about civil rights, freedom, and how Aunt Fishwife and Uncle Fathead are a bit off in their perceptions of reality. Caution the little ones that even though Uncle Fathead couldn't run a brothel in Vegas at a profit, he's still family and if his walk needs shoveling, it's a nice gesture for one of us to do it. Other gestures are frowned upon.

    Public school is not what it once was. Home schooling or private school is the way to get an education.

  2. My wife and I took our kids out of public school and home schooled them. We bought their curriculum from the Texas Tech Home School program. It was a little awkward, as we were both teaching in public schools at the time, but there was no way in hell I was leaving my kids in that cess pool.

    I am not really very close to my siblings, but I'm close to my wife and kids. I guess the extended family is harder to keep up with . All of mine live in Oregon, and I stayed in the South. "Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes" Didn't Jimmy Buffet sing that one?

    1. I dunno how it is down there, Jack, but up here, any of the teachers that are actually worth their salt are dropping out. They either quit and do something else, or they go to work at private schools.

      The other thing they are doing is triage. They help the kids they can, and write off the ones that aren't there to learn, or have idiots for parents.