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Saturday, 23 February 2019

First Pass Through The Old Testament

The other day I lashed out at another blogger when I probly should have just zipped my lip. I agree with 95~97% of what the man says - but the remaining percentage of what I see in the man leaves me wanting loosen my pistol in its holster. He says he is not defending the drug and sex culture in that crowd - but he is. We have laws to protect vulnerable underage girls from sexual predators. Where were your parents, Kim, and why should you get a free pass to prey on them? Because you were a musician? I've always suspected him of having an inner psychopath because he'd have no idea what I am talking about. Kim is one of those odd men where I approve of the message but strongly disapprove of the man. I probably shouldn't have left the comment there.

My bible studies continue apace. I finished up Numbers in the old testament and was having trouble digesting what I was reading. One thing that leaped out at me on this first pass was that our Maker is a completely ruthless, remorseless judge, jury and executioner in those passages. The story line so far is always the same. Paraphrased: "This is my hot button, people! If you push this button, I will do horrible things to you. Don't push this button because you will regret it. If you push this button, the same thing will happen to you that happened to the last 10 idiots that pressed it....". And of course the dummies push the button and the cycle repeats. There is no mercy for the deliberate, determined sinner. The law is the law, you do the crime, you do the time - assuming that's an option of course.

So I read all this and the rotten wood started smouldering. Back in the 80's the last of the German war criminals were still being caught and rounded up. I remember the Israelis got one in South America and had him in court for the cameras after decades of being on the run. The man was a geriatric, doddering old sot with coke bottle glasses and hearing aids. People had to translate and repeat the doings of the court to him because half the time he didn't understand what was being said. He fell asleep several times. I can't remember the outcome of that one - I think they sent him to prison. He was an SS officer in one of the death camps, if I recall. As a young man that perplexed me.

What do you get out of punishing a man who is in his mid 80's? The old fool probably forgot where and who he was half the time. Isn't some kind of mercy warranted...? I could understand the hate and wrath of the victims too, though. Showing mercy to the old boy would be a traumatic slap in the face for them. As a young man I just shrugged and said to hell with it - it wasn't my problem, thankfully.

Maybe that is why these early chapters of the old testament were written the way they were? Look what we have today: rules for some people, and rules for others. Everybody is just okay with it too, as long as they are the ones getting away with it. du Toit thinks rock stars and roadies should be able to pump and dump your daughters if you lose control of them. Bill Cosby goes to jail for raping women 100 years ago, and Bill Clinton laughs. Bill Kavanaugh was nearly ruined by a woman making false accusations and she got away with it scot free. That probably encouraged that niggered homo to fake is own beating - and two innocent white guys would probably gone to the slam had his plan succeeded. But we all know he won't face any punishment for what he did either.

When you start making exceptions to the law, everyone is going to want to be exempted. When everyone sees that playing by the rules is a sucker's game, they will stop playing by the rules too. Then you end up where we are now - with a legal system that is profitable as hell for the hucksters, and it gets used a political weapon against the citizens it was made to protect. You can't run a country or a community this way. Without meaningful laws - even guys like du Toit and I - who agree on just about everything - can become deadly enemies. The law has to work, and everyone has to see that it works. Not only that, they have to see that it works the same for them as it does for everyone else or you end up with a country like Haiti or Venezuela.

But all that rot is big brain stuff that I don't have the intellect to deal with. When the law of the land fails we make our own laws I guess. So, men like du Toit will keep their hands where I can see 'em, not make any sudden moves, keep their noses clean and their fly zipped - and they can pass peaceably through my neck of the woods - but they can't stay, I'm afraid.

Have a good Saturday - and as usual, if I've misunderstood anything here, feel free to set me straight in the comments.


  1. You're doing a great job studying God's word. You realy realy need to read the whole thing to see what God is doing with Israel.

    Drink lots of coffee before you read Numbers.

    1. I did it backwards, Jeff. I read the new testament first. My impression of that was that those parts that drag - are the ones that you probably need to go over...

    2. Me too. No hash tag, just myself as well.

      The thing with the Old Testament is that they had the letter of the law. If you want to worship the Lord, do these things. When the Lord commands you, you're supposed to obey. Not everyone did as they were told, and you can see the result of that little misunderstanding in a few instances. Wiped out cities, that kind of thing.

      What they had in the New Testament is the spirit of the law. Obeying the letter of the law is no longer accepted; it's the spirit that counts. Motivation is everything. Plus they had Jesus, who gave the goyim a chance.

      What none of them had was the Bible. We didn't get the Bible until about 1100 AD or so.

      I think some of the events in the OT are pretty harsh, but since the Lord always makes the right decision, the harsh events are completely justified.

  2. Part 1 of 2 due to the number of characters limitation.

    You're doing alright, as near as I can tell.

    Bear with me as I relate two anecdotes concerning the inimitable Mr. Du Toit.

    I used to read Kim all the time, but this was some years back. In point of fact, I was reading Himself when, inspired by a TV commercial for Cheerios, he penned his notorious essay, The Pussification of the American Male, and secured for Himself a position at the top of the Most Hated Bloggers in the Entire Universe list by Feminazis, SJWs, and every other social group comprised of everyone and anyone who was even remotely labeled a liberal. The Dental industry reported a spike in demand that lasted for six months, and that was on six different continents. Clearly, the man has some admirable talent.

    I agree with most of what Kim says he believes. However-comma, there are some dichotomies that I refuse to tolerate. Gun rights, for instance. Kim has stated in the past that an armed populace is a safe populace, that you should buy a gat and pack it everywhere, and blah blah blah. You and the rest of your readers have heard all this before in repetitive detail to the point of nausea. We get it, okay?

    Oh, but then...

    Then Mister Du Toit submits a restriction: Not in the workplace. Nope, no way, no how. Kim cited castle doctrine as the reason for his thinking. The workplace of the entrepreneur is like his home, and if he says 'no guns allowed', well then - no guns allowed.

    This, of course, is stable dressing.

  3. Part 2 of 2 due to the number of characters limitation.

    Castle doctrine refers to someone's home, be it a cardboard box, a tent, an RV (house vehicle), a $300-large palace in Columbus, or a phone number income mansion in Anywhere, U.S. of A. Not a business - a home. If I come into your home and you ask me to check my hardware at the door, I'll do so or I'll stay out. But in the office? Not just no - hell no. My reasoning is simple - the office, the place of work, is not a home. When I pointed out as much I got shouted down and threatened with excommunication for my troubles, which didn't surprise me.

    And the anti-gun, anti-freedom restriction was carried forward. Kim submitted an open invitation to come and visit him in Texas. I actually considered it, until I read the gun restriction: No guns allowed in the house. Period. Mind you, the people planning to attend this little backyard barbecue all carry guns, all the time, and are the least likely group in the State of Texas to get full of whiskey and start shooting beer cans off each other's heads. Kim followed the forbidden firearms caveat with a bunch of soft soap about trusting everyone, respecting everyone, admiring everyone - but, you know, he had kids in the house and it just didn't feel right. And on and on.

    And that was that.

    Putting this to bed succinctly, Kim doesn't eat his own dog food. What's true for Kim and his community doesn't apply the same way to everyone else. The hoi polloi, the Great Unwashed, the bourgeois, these are the people who take up space. Sort of like movie extras. They aren't like us.

    I read his amoral rock star essay, and saw that you stumbled across the obvious. Your point is well taken.

    But this is Mister Du Toit, and this is what he is, the way he is. No, it's not right. No, there is no excuse. Yes, he should man up and own it. He won't.

    Consider my own colorful background. I'm not going to dwell on the things I've done in my past. I wish I hadn't done them. I wish I could mend the damage. But I did terrible, terrible things, and I, personally, cannot mend the damage. What I can do is pray and ask for forgiveness, and forgiveness is granted me. I have peace.

    Ask Kim du Toit if he's a Christian. Remind yourself that you should not judge an irreligionist by the same standard you'd apply to a fellow Christian.

    As for packing your gat in my home, you and your friends would always be welcome, guns or no guns. If you're armed and the house is attacked, you're expected to pull your gat and put some lead in the air. I'll be praising the Lord and passing the ammunition.

    1. Yup. Kim is a bit of a fop and no bones about it. Mind you, I'm a bit of a retard so whadda I know?

  4. "two innocent white guys would probably gone to the slam had his plan succeeded."
    I thought it was two Nigerians/blacks in this humdinger story. Wasnt' it?

    1. It was Caddie. But if the ruse had been successful, the cops would have gone out looking for two white perps - and they probably would have found them, if you catch my drift.

  5. Mr Glen and WLEmery.
    Kim was born and raised in Africa, not just Africa, but South Africa if I read his posts correctly. He's an African-American (by choice). He's stepped on a whole nother set of nails than we have. You were born in Western Canada, if I read your posts correctly. You get snow every January and February. Kim got snow in August. That's quite a difference in experience. No, I ain't being his champion. I'm just saying we all come to our views on life from where ever home was originally. I was born in Paterson NJ (the birthplace of industry in the US according to Ben Franklin) and lived a few blocks from the Train Engine and Colt pistol factories. My Grandmother lived right down the block from them. The nails I stepped on are different than the ones you guys or He stepped on. Keep that gat well holstered (at least for Him anyway).
    Now that I've annoyed you with my 'personalities' blather, let me say a few things about the 'law'. Allow me an innocuous example of this.
    In Jersey on the interstates the posted speed limit is 65. The police, (state, county, and local), the courts, and the aware drivers all know that the posted limit is a sham. The actual limit is 72-73 mph. If you have out of state plates and points wouldn't get sent back to your home state then you just get you ticket and fund the local government. It isn't safety, it's revenue generation. In Philadelphia there is a stop sign on every other corner. This was invented 'The Philly Slide' which isn't a full stop every two hundred feet. It's a sham. When they stop you for going through the stopsign and you aren't wearing a seatbelt you get two tickets (the insurance companies make money off that regulation because they don't have to pay if the 'seatbelt on' box isn't checked on the police report. Everybody is in on it.
    Most of the rules and regulations that we (agree to) live with are generated by government minions who wield their power recklessly. It's all about control of the great unwashed, also known as 'Normals' by those in power.
    Old Testament Law isn't winking at what you are allowed to do if nobody is looking. Like Jack Sparrow's Dad said in the Pirates Movie
    "The LAW is the LAW".
    Today, in our present world, we need to have fewer rules and regulations and more awareness of the preciousness of life (ours and the other living things around us). We need a Justice system that is both unambiguous and fair. Glen, you live in Sacajeweah Canada (or Lake Louise or someplace near there) Kim lives in Dentinfender Tx (or someplace near there)and I live in Nowherezville NC (yeah, We escaped from the Peoples Free and Democratic Republic of Noo Jerzee) and we all are here in the same neighborhood on the internet. When you visit Kim, don't drink before you get there. The New Testament is the (how do I say this) answer to the rigidity of the Law of the Old Testament. Keep reading you'll get there.
    Forgive my long-windedness.


    1. I take your points; I probably should not have left the comment. But ... I've made a career out of reading people, noting very carefully what they say and what they don't say. Kim du Toit strikes me as a fascinating man that often provokes others, gets slapped in the face with a shovel for his efforts - and learns nothing from the experience. I readily admit I could be wrong about that. But there are other things that has the man setting off my bush radar.

      Have you seen his post today, Rich? He's lecturing everyone about right and wrong too. The point of his screed, apparently, is not to set himself up as a paragon of moral virtue (though he does) - it is to expound upon the evils of moral relativism. No self awareness whatsoever. It's a trait common to psychopaths, sociopaths and carpet baggers of every stripe.

      A healthy man protects and respects women - and I have seen Kim repeatedly express admiration for cretins that exploit them. Sexual hang ups, perhaps? His wife passed recently, and she was barely buried and gone - and he's married again. Who knows? I certainly don't... all I know is that chit rolls downhill, ya can't push up on a rope... and if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

      I read the guy every day. I have absolutely NO doubts that he is a dangerous man. Were I to meet him in person I would treat him respectfully, but I wouldn't trust him, and I wouldn't take my eyes off him or turn my back on him.

    2. Kim du Toit describes himself as an Afrikaner. He's published photos of his ancestral family home, and let me tell you, that place is a long, long way from a middle class shotgun shack in Somewhere, South Africa.

      I do not consider Mr. du Toit a dangerous man. I don't believe he ever was. Like Glen, in the unlikely event that I ever met him in person, I'd treat him respectfully - but then, I do that for everyone.

      I don't take him seriously. I wouldn't hesitate to turn my back on him while leaving the room, or for any other reason. I can't say the same for members or sympathizers of Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, or the Blood and Honour Social Club. Those folks are dangerous.

      At the end of the day Kim du Toit is band width combined with a talent for writing and an unusual surname. No more, no less.

    3. You could very well have the right of it, WL. I hope so.

    4. "I've gotta go, there is somebody wrong on the internet and I've gotta correct him."
      "Ahh. It must be your first day on the internet."
      There's 7 billion of us(give or take a few people) Don't take it personally.
      Keep writing and studying. I'm gonna keep reading your stuff.

  6. Well I hope I am wrong, Rich, and that you are right. As always, thanks for stopping by.

  7. I read Kim's post. I didn't think he was condoning the behavior, just observing that it occurred. Like telling your kids not to get too close to the lip of the canyon or to not swim with the alligator, or not going hiking in urban Detroit. It might be right but it's still reality. Telling young women to stay out of the backstage area at a rock concert is just good advice. Moral judgment about the behavior of rock musicians wasn't the topic. And maybe I missed what you saw, but I always liked his posts. None of us are perfect or perfectly consistent.

  8. The prosecution of the "Nazi war criminals" was completely unwarranted. If you want to punish your enemies for losing, then go right ahead. But don't pretend that they violated some unwritten laws of country A while they were serving in the military of country B in country C. All of "international law" and "extraterritorial jurisdiction" is based on the precedents set at Nuremberg.