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Monday, 25 February 2019

Fuggin Baby Boomers...

100 years ago I was on some popular blogger's site and they were all getting misty eyed over some song put out by (hork, spit!) The Beatles. They couldn't say enough about it! They went on and on and on until finally I couldn't stand it anymore and I pooped in the comments: "Lookit, you geriatric old farts - the Beatles sucked balls!!! And - good grief! The Stones?!?!? Those guys run around in squishy diapers and Velcro shoes! They -" and then that was IT. They SNAPPED.  They LOST IT! I figuratively got taken into the boards, they pulled my shirt up over my head and they all gathered round to pommel me and feed me shots! I still have the lumps from that little indiscretion!!!


And while those old diseased fossils rattled out toons that sucked 40 years ago for their senile fans ... they totally missed one of their own producing actual music. I remain unrepentant: music evolved past those greasy elderly hippies long ago. But they set the stage for true artisans like Mark Knopfler. Here he does a spectacular rendition of Romeo & Juliet. I love the vulgarity of that guitar, the innocent cluelessness of the lyrics, and how they fuse to make something almost as beautiful as the original. They couldn't have done it without the piano.

His music reminds me of better days, when we were better people and impromptu concerts went off in the garage with my brother's gang. They had a band and even I had a place in it sometimes - I played the Tupperware and wrote a few rude ditties that sounded almost respectable when set to music of sorts. They'd beat me up and run me off when my time was up too. It was just as well, when they got going they sounded pretty good.

This is the music of my generation, and I suppose the kids will make rude jokes about it when my diapers are getting squishy and I can't remember how to tie my shoes. I don't care, they can have their twerking meat puppets like Lady Ka Ka and wiggers and so on. They are immortal and they know it all as I was once did.

I will probably get my arse beat by them too. As Monday winds down, another favorite might be in order. Before ya head off to bed - this one always puts me in a restful frame of mind. It's played with that same rude guitar that he used in Romeo & Juliet. Take a trip down Telegraph Road - and have a great night.

The telegraph sang a song about the world outside.
Doesn't seem to be much music left out there these days.


  1. the 'telegraph road' video has not been made available im my country
    It sez so right in the window

  2. 1980/82 in boarding school, on weekends when we were the only suckers with nowhere else to go, we used to blast that Knopfler song till the windows would rattle. Listening to it now brings me back to those days. Loved the music, but the time I'd just as soon forget entirely. It was pure hell.

  3. Listen to Telegraph Road on YouTube; the Alchemy tour. Hell, yeah!

  4. Telegraph Road is not available in the U.S. of A.

  5. My favorite Dire Straits album and song. I wore that album out in the barracks at Lackland AFB.