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Friday, 1 February 2019


Our rod n' gun club is in the midst of a meltdown of biblical proportions. Some utter nonsense has been coming from the club executive that is clearly not in the interest of the members. For example: the use of steel core ammo was prohibited. The reason given was that it chews up the gongs. My take on that is that our club can buy buildings and capital club assets like maintenance equipment and ATV's out of pocket change - how much does a gong cost? Cheap steel core ammo is favoured by the younger shooters - we need to get them to do MORE shooting, not less. Replace the shot up gongs when they're done and STFU.

Then we got another one: no holsters are allowed on the pistol range. The risk of an accident is just too great. C'est ce fuck??? Then I learned half our executive quit over stuff like this. Apparently some twat invited a safety audit on the club and some of our ranges might end up getting shut down by gubbiment agencies that are positively anti-gun. What in hell is our leadership doing? I decided to go to a club meeting and find out. Everything I do for the club is in the position of an apprentice janitor. I empty garbages, help the head janitor with the odd maintenance chores and so forth. I had no interest in getting involved with anything at the executive level - until now. Flapz and I both went to find out what was going on.

What I found was that the exec was as pure as the driven snow. These problematic rules and regulations were being driven by the members themselves. Long story short - the only guys showing up for the meetings wore Velcro sneakers, diapers, and had to have all proposals read back to them four or five times before they understood what they were voting for. None of them shoot, none of them hunt, and like all elderly seniors, they had one foot in the grave and another on the banana peel.

A young lady asked one of the safety Nazis about holster use on the ranges. Has there been an incident in our club's 45 year history? No. Has there been an incident during that time at any of the other clubs around? No. But the old farts claimed that if there was an accident, the club would be sued into penury and shut down. Not only that! Ambulance chasing lawyers would go after the members and execs themselves and they would get sued and lose their homes!!!!

Then the ban on steel core ammo came up. None of the old boys seemed to be able to get their heads around the difference between steel core ammo and lead core FMJ military ball ammo. Jeez, maybe they should ban FMJ's too...???  JFC!!!!

I loudly remarked to Flapz that these old idiots would vote for gun bans and turn the fuggin place into a bird sanctuary and senior's drop in centre. All they wanted to do was argue and squabble and cause trouble! I can see why half our executive quit in disgust. There's no reasoning with those guys either; they know everything and nobody will convince them otherwise. They are such assholes, that the younger members don't want to be around them and as a result they've run away with the club.

We got so damned mad that we just got up and left half way through. After what I saw last night - I can see why they have problems getting volunteers - nobody wants to take crap off those idiots!

I have changed my views: I am all for euthanizing our elderly, preferably as painfully and inhumanely possible!!! So, that was my wasted Thursday night.

It's Friday, and I am so mad that I've become constipated and can't chit!!! Y'all have a great Friday. As for me, I am going to go slam a pint of Metamucil and try to talk myself down from my homicidal rage against old men.



  1. Forest fires serve a purpose, they burn off the deadwood and help new seeds germinate.

  2. If you don't go to meetings regularly and take part, STFU! You guys are part of the problem.

    1. You are exactly right. If nobody shows up, the guys that don't hunt and don't shoot will run the club. The flip side of that is that they are so damned stupid and childish, there is no dealing with them. Old men that age are generally very unpleasant to deal with, and when you figure that most of them were also pretty damn stupid even in their youth - well, the young guys want nothing to do with 'em. It's a pity.

  3. those guys are there because their wives said go out for a while or i'll strangle you

    that is what oois wrong with church boards no one wants to run for the offices and so they get what they deserve, leaving the poor pastor in the crunch

  4. Attend the meetings. Speak up. Talk to other guys while you're out shooting and get them to attend meetings. Because frankly, if you don't attend and don't make a fuss, the club will turn into what you predicted - a senior center.

    I had a similar argument at a gun club years ago. There was a sign on the pistol range stating that the maximum number of cartridges allowed in a pistol was five (5). The asshole club president showed while I was shooting, offered a bone crushing handshake, and introduced himself as the President and a police officer.

    Big fucking deal. He was smaller than me, and had a bigger mouth.

    Okay, Mister Know-It-All, just what is it about that sixth cartridge that makes my S&W unsafe?

    He couldn't answer, and eventually lost interest and left. Little asshole.

    I just talked to an old buddy from that club, and the entire administration has changed hands. The club is a new place, and friendly to gunners again.

    Why? Because guys started attending meetings and speaking up.

    1. Yep.

      But that's the problem. Those old grey hairs are so unpleasant and so stupid that nobody can stand them. Kids have families, work and lives and there free time is limited and precious... and wasting it fighting with those old fucks...? It ain't gonna happen. The only reason we went is that a couple members did exactly what you said and went out and begged for people to show up.

      I suppose the only good news is they'll start dying off soon. Lord shoot me if I ever get like that...