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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Good Morning

No, that isn't me (although you'd be correct to suspect it) - it's BW. He just couldn't stand the idea of letting a warm day pass, and went out on the bike. It's -35C with the wind chill out there this morning and of course, stupidity and thermodynamics carried the morn! BW will be there until he thaws out in the spring! HAR HAR HAR!

Macey's getting old and hobbled round our patrol route this morning. I don't think even the Dawgz are impressed with the weather lately. They were ready to get home and warm up when we did the rounds. I think they just ran upstairs and got into bed with Mom, HAR HAR HAR!  Of course, I was warm as toast with my Canada Goose parka on.

There is something wonderful about being able
to go out and be comfortable in cold like this.
If you are out in weather like this, the proper clothing is a must.

Think I'll cut the walks a little shorter for the dawgz, at least until it warms up a bit. The rest a ya's - stay warm this weekend.

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