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Tuesday, 5 February 2019


I dunno what it is. I will be thinking about something and a day or two later I see something similar up over at TB's place. I wonder if, in a parallel universe somewhere, he is a retarded gun clubbing stubfart and I am a sword swinging martial artist? He has his trophies just as I have mine. For me, I had gone back to school, and for every semester I passed - without failing or getting kicked out - I'd buy a shot glass from the school's bookstore and gift shop. I got all four, somehow, by the grace of God. Back then I was a Man On A Mission. I had bitten the bullet, gone back to school, worked hard, and I was going To Have A Career. Those cheap, mass produced shot glasses were goofy but significant milestones.

And of course I wound up another piece of turd bobbing along the pristine stream of life, bouncing off rocks, getting caught up in ice jams, and swirling in the whorls and eddies of the currents - with no plan whatsoever! People don't have careers anymore, they have jobs. There is no job security, no pensions, or even any decency in the private sector for the most part now. I put my back into it and worked here and there and everywhere. If they didn't like me I got laid off. If I didn't like them I quit. The longest I ever held a single job (my last) - was 10 years. I learned quickly that the best thing I could do was put down roots, and dig in and hold what I had. For me it would be good if I got the house and vehicles and a few toys paid off, and saved for a modest retirement. I was well on my way to doing that when my moonbat family fell apart. The women started looking at the world from their crotches, through their gender... and lost their fuggin minds.

I look back and see the man I was 25 years ago and wonder what in hell happened to him. Too many strokes with the lead pipe across the noggin? Or maybe not enough? I remembered times half a lifetime ago and how naïve I was. The world moved on and somewhere I fell off and got left behind. The hell of that is I have absolutely no interest in catching back up with the times so I can hang out with the cool kids. I wonder what my 25 year old version of me would think of the 55 year old? We'd probably get in a fight and shoot each other, HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

With the dissolution of my family I no longer feel any ties to my present home except for maybe the members of my wife's church. I'm not kidding - I've lived here in Aaaaaaaadmontin, Alberta... all my life. But I have no roots here anymore. Maybe I never did. I find myself dreaming of a tar paper shack, or a Quonset somewhere out of town. Or even an apartment in some crappy little northern town where the hunting and Crown land starts at the end of the road three houses down.

Are we the only dummies in this stream? And where does it go? If anyone finds out please let me know!

And have a great Humpday!


  1. you have reached middle age and are growing pensive
    time to form interest groups to sustain you in old age someone to smoke with while complaining about 'today's kids' and performing some useful service as a group-- men at your church have interests in some charitable activity?
    too soon old, too late smart
    get smart now pray about it maybe God will drop some ideas on you

  2. I am finding I suffer from a certain sense of rootlessness as well Glen. Not sure where this is stemming from, other than a growing sense that I am not really where I belong.