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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

In Spring Time, A Man's Thoughts Turn To Love

The infatuation continues. I cannot get her out of my mind. She haunts my dreams. I lose myself at work and day dream of her as the customers flip out on the phone, the management rages at me to get my poop in a group - and I am oblivious to  it all.

Oh my beloved, you look so beautiful in Trebark camoflage...


And an appropriate love song is just the ticket as you perv out  fantasize 
about your beloved..

What is that, my sweet? Detonator Yellow? You
wear any colour so well...

Actually, the truth is that yes, I still have a crush on The Lady Argo. I am still trying to decide if she is to young for me. But what I really wanted was an excuse to play that tune. I hadn't heard it in a hundred years until the other night when I was binge watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. It's an absolutely ridiculous show but I fell in love with the characters and the cinematography. When Ape Boy and The Fashion Star started dancing to the tune I felt like a kid myself!

If you have an IQ below freezing as I do - give the series a whirl. Be warned, it starts slow but it becomes addictive later on.


  1. I see your Argo and raise you a Ripsaw...

  2. Put a roll bar and maybe a winch on that first one - tracked monster - and I might be sold on it.