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Wednesday, 13 February 2019


A hundred years ago I was over at the next door neigbours when his folks were over visiting. He'd just bought some snow eating fire breathing Bombardier winter missile that we were all supposed to be impressed with.

I looked at it without much enthusiasm. "That's alright I guess," I said, "But my first machine was a 1969 Bombardier Olympic with that Rotax Super 370 boxer engine. 0-30 MPH at the speed of light - but not much after that...". The asshole kids sniggered at that.

Behold the god of my youth: a 1969 Bombardier Olympique!!!

The old boy pipes up and goes, "Mine was a rip snorter - a 1971 TNT...!" Holy chit, I said, that IS a barn burner if ever there was one. "Damn right," the old boy said, "0-60 at the speed of light... but not much left after that..."

This dragon is the mighty TNT - or 'Tunts' as 
we used to call them.

The youngsters were openly chuckling now and me and the old guy got madder n' hell about it. In fact I still get steamed about those little shits looking down their noses at these grand old machines. The old guy had a few pics in his wallet and showed me - but told his son to get lost! HAR HAR HAR! We talked about old machines and old trails. I was old enough to appreciate my elders and their pioneering machines.

That's the new MXZ X-RS. 165 horsepower, probly
capable of over 100 MPH on flat ice.
Got $10K?

I was talking about sleds with King Peter last weekend. About 15 years ago we were out getting drunk ice fishing and an old senior putt-putted up to us on a 250cc machine that was just the ticket for the sportsman. I wonder if they make such machines today?


  1. Never had a chance nor inclination to ride one. Probably get in trouble if I did. Here in Maine we loose at least one just about every weekend. Last weekend it was a pregnant woman that smacked a tree on her sled. Neither survived. Weekend before that four went thought the ice, only two walked away there. We've messed with them when they are going full bore out on the frozen lake doing about 90mph and we come rushing in behind them in the airplane doing about double that at just about eye level... makes for a a good laugh when they lock up the binders at that speed.

  2. He must be a buddy of yours???

    1. That's Saskratchmebum for ya. Bunch a ignernt red neck kadiddlehoppers out that way... HAR HAR HAR!!!

      Just don't tell 'em I said that, they are meaner than polecats and Irishmen when they get insulted ...

  3. I was 21, and some friends of mine owned a snowmobile dealership in Weston, OH. We finally got snow that winter, then more snow, then serious snow. Anyone with a snowmobile was having a ball, but to hear him tell a bunch of them got to partying and thought it would be fun to ride through town past the local police station - at around 80 mph.

    The cops fired up their squad cars - all three of 'em - and gave chase. They all tore around town chasing each other from about 11:00 PM until three in the morning. What really frosted the cake though was when one miscreant slowed down enough to the police could get close to him, and the passenger turned around and waved at them.

  4. Way back when they were still racing on snow, I remember watching Yvan Duhamel (Ski-Doo), Roger Janssen (Arctic Cat) and Bob Eastman (Polaris) racing at Eagle River and a few other places.
    I did leave a oval track on a 640 TNT and had a sudden stop in the side of a pickup truck. Knocked myself silly for a few hours when that impact broke my Bell helmet. Maybe that explains a few things about me.
    Have not been on a snow machine for a few years now. Kinda miss it.
    Although modern machines are basically maintenance free compared to what we started with.