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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Some HAR-HAR-HARing Is In Order?

With the declining quality of the North American female... the  stage is set.
The first synthetic human will almost 
certainly be female.

I am and I am not qualified to speak on this subject. My wife is an old world woman and our marriage has been grand in spite of some very nasty cultural forces exerted on it by our families. Suffice it to say we come from mildly progressive liberal families where everything but common sense goes. One day I just got fed up with all the shit, and put an end to it. It went against my grain to do it but there was no choice, really. 

If you've had nasty women barking at the moon for your blood as I have - you'll appreciate this one that has been floating around the internet. I have a helpful suggestion for women who are seeing stuff like this in their families: instead of talking to the other hens at yoga class or down at the coffee shop... talk to your men instead. Shut your gob, and open your ears and you may find out why your families are falling apart. (I'll bet you a million bucks it isn't Trump's fault).

But whadda I know. Elsewhere, Aesop learns an affirmative action flunky former female fighter pilot everything she needs to know about being a man.

I used to think that eventually these liberal types would get bitten on the arse by their own stupidity one too many times, and that eventually they would have to learn from their mistakes. It doesn't work that way - they just keep doubling down on stupid - and the resulting misery is never their fault.

This stuff is funny right up until it happens to you, I guess. It isn't going to end well.

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  1. Do not get me started. Migraine One spoke to me at some length yesterday evening. I was very pleasantly half in the bag, so it took me a full ten minutes before I realized that I need only disconnect the call and block her number to get her to shut up.

    The woman is certifiable, and whatever medication she's taking is making her feel good. She separated from her husband a few years back and bought a place next door to Paradise, CA. She was about half a mile from the evacuation line, and her condo is still standing. But now, because of the sudden demand for housing in the area, the value of her shack has doubled and her husband has finally put his size ten down and told her that she's selling - at a ridiculously high price. She'll return to Chico, CA and live with him. She whines that she feels guilty, because all those homeless families need that housing and here she is making money off their misery... and it's all Trump's fault.

    And on, and on... click!

    With any luck at all the next time I hear from this particular moonbat it'll be about a death in the family - hers.

    She has three children, by the way. The youngest refuses to speak to her, and with good reason. The middle one is financially successful, but is a functional alcoholic and displays the morals of a drill press in heat. The eldest, a female, majored in psychology and last I heard she was back in the happy house again.

    Good job, Mom.