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Monday, 25 February 2019

Some straight Talk On Retard Sex Ed

I suppose I could just google it. Hmmm: what happens when the birds and bees get past reproduction age? Like...well past it?

I have to ask because I am looking at these new strong, empowered women and I am the only one noticing the obvious. When we were younger, my wife was great. From the way she acted, you couldn’t really tell she was “having her monthlies”. A lot of women are like that. Oh, a couple of times the hormones got the better of her. But a hug a break, and some coffee or chocolate was all it took to put her right. I learned women had monthlies as a tyke; my mother became a dragon at her time of the month - that woman didn’t have monthlies, she was on the rag and no bones about it! Anything could set that bint off. Later I saw the same thing with the females I worked with. The younger they are, the worse it seems. My question is this: how are these women supposed to be good leaders when their biology and hormones make them lose their chit once a month? And before anyone accuses me of being unsupportive and insensitive to women - remember that in a work environment workers often have to rely on their leaders for support, not the other way around. Companies competing in the marketplace capitalize on the poor management of their competitors. Leaders who have ‘bad days’ get people killed. I see there has been no detailed investigation into why that vibrant rainbow bridge in the States collapsed. Remember that one? Designed entirely by women and vibrants and built as a raised middle finger at the patriarchy? Funny, that. I woulda thunk the ambulance chasers and brave whistle blowers woulda been all over that one for months, given the way they sensationalize other disasters. Go figure.

Then there's menopause. Again, my wife sailed through it with no issues. Her mother didn't do as well but she did okay I guess. My mom went bat-shit crazy and stayed that way. She also got mean and nasty too. She lives in her own world now, and as far as I can see everyone stays as far away from it as they can except Pop, and the only reason he survives is because he's clinically and selectively deaf.

My question is - how long are we supposed to play along with the fiction that women can lead? Up in Canada they've almost destroyed the liberal party; it is so pozzed that they will only tolerate a fwench flimp to run it - and he spends as much time on his hair as they do on theirs. It's even worse for you guys down in the US. There was that fake black chick, then that fake indian one. Pelosi has to be living on another planet by now, for all her connection with this one. The only people that will vote for these women are illegal Mexicans and other hormonal hysterics.

You never hear the term 'broken family' or 'broken home' anymore, and I suspect that is because it is offensive to the women that broke them. So bad is it, that thousands of them put on pink pussy hats and went out to protest - about what, exactly?

About the only legitimate problem I can see from here is that they got everything they wished for. But whadda I know? I'm just a stupid old white male.

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