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Sunday, 10 February 2019

The Filthie Romantic: Lady's Guns

Is there such a thing? As Canadians, we are too irresponsible and stupid to be trusted with handguns unless we pay a fee for some fuggin hare lipped liberal retard to rubber stamp some papers that say we are. And - as you'd expect, the vast majority of gun crime is committed by our more culturally enriching and vibrant demographics - who overwhelmingly vote liberal, oddly enough. That's why we need to shell out billions of dollars to register Pop's old duck, deer, and gopher guns - and have even more restrictions on pistols and scary black guns. I hear Turdo La Deux is even considering gun bans to make Canada safer. Good luck with that, Fwenchie! HAR HAR HAR!

Errrr… why am I talking about that??? The mind wobbles; allow me to focus!

Turning the conversation from filthy feral fwench bitches to women - one has to wonder if there is such thing as a 'woman's gun' besides those garter sized derringers that went out with the flappers in the 1920's. Awhile back Flapz had been down in Montana and fell in love with the place because he was on some back road some place and met a chick that was openly carrying a Glock - and of course they got along famously as Flapz quizzed her about any available properties in the area for sale. The womenfolk can obviously shoot the same guns us fellas do. My wife, for example, shoots a 1911 just fine but she doesn't like my big HK USP. She has small hands and that gun is a handful for me too with my medium sized hands.

She fell in love with the Walther PPK when we went to our first 
gun show together as kids.

I've heard the Walther's actually a rude little bastard to shoot. Apparently hammer bite is an issue with the little guns and the rudimentary sight radius means they're only good for social work. Those guns are for business and that's about it - at least that's my impression of them.

The wife of the handgunning stubfart has to be able to keep up. Tin cans, paper targets, vibrants, politicians, tax collectors, commies - Canada is a target-rich environMINT, HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! We gotta be ready for ANYTHING up here! :)

Folks, I think I have found the ultimate lady's gun.

Apparently that is your garden variety hog leg with a gracefully
and elegantly re-shaped handle... the so-called 'bird's head' grip.
It's small for lady-sized hands and I've heard it
is a dream to shoot chambered for the .357/38 special.

Whaddya think, fellas. Would that look good on your lady? I certainly think so! One a those on a lady's hip would go a long way in making sure a fella crosses his T's and dots his I's in the presence of a lady with such refined senses and sensibilities.

And because shooting is a healthy, wholesome endeavour that can bring couples closer together - these refined Peace Makers should probably be purchased as a set: His N' Hers, if ya catch my drift.

At full power loads this fire breathing 475 Linebaugh custom will
turn anyone into a flinching idiot.
I hear they are complete sweethearts when loaded to more
geriatric levels.
This is a distinguished gun for the distinguished gentlemen...
which probly lets me out...:(

Okay! Alright, I might be out to lunch on the Linbaugh, but I think I am right on target with the lady's gun. Feel free to contribute your two cents if yer so inclined and have a great Sunday.


  1. You really are a glutton for punishment.
    475 Linebaugh? yea right....ha ha ha
    Yea every time anyone mentions a 380 acp folks squeal than nothing less than a 500 Thuderfuck will do and act as if the 380 will bounce off them like a spitball. Ask them if they are willing to take one in the kneecap, that usually shuts them up quick.
    I am of the opinion a 380 acp is a perfectly acceptable ladies gun or gentleman's gun for that matter. Trouble is those Walthers are running on the prestige of their name alone and really are no better than the PWT of Aroostook county up in norther Maine that make them for S&W today. The general concept has been greatly improved. Yea snobs will turn their nose up at me, but the Bersa Thunder 380s can be had for one third the money and is a better running gun with no slide bite. I have one. Great little gun and it cost me 250U$ brand new. Sure I'd love a Mauser HSC. Dad had one but got stupid as he often did and left it back in Caracas before we moved to the US.
    One of the best 380s I have ever used is the Browning BDA. That would be one I'd love to have.

  2. You're out to lunch, alright. I wouldn't shoot that Linebaugh on a bet, and I've shot a .45-70 revolver and never developed a flinch.

    I have a .25 Beretta that I keep for self-defense, never mind where. My thought is that it's seven shots better than nothing. Besides, my uncle carried a .25 during WWII when he worked for the OSS in France. He said it was effective.

    Ian Fleming carried a Beretta 418 in .25 during the war (Naval Intelligence), and so armed James Bond with a .25 carried in a shoulder rig. Later on Bond is forced to switch to a PPK in 7.65 mm and doesn't like it, but it made the PPK desirable and popular.

    I carry a Hungarian Feg PA-63 in 9x18 Makarov. The cost to me was about $150; I think you can get one for around $300 today. The 9x18 equates to a .380 on steroids, and produces a nasty snapping recoil when you shoot it.

    My points are that those who decry the caliber of the gun for self-defense purposes should try getting shot with one, and that if you're ever involved in a self-defense situation, the very first thing the cops will do is confiscate your pistol and do their best to prevent you from getting it back. In a case like that, I'm out $300, max, as opposed to $1000 for a md. 1911 Kimber .45. M. Silvius is out $250, which will piss him off but not cause him an undue financial hardship.

    My definition of a ladies' gun is any handgun that inspires your particular lady to shoot.

  3. Got my wife a Argentine Bersa Thunder .380. Has a remarkably flat trajectory, easy safety and magazine releases. Simple to disassemble, clean and reassemble. For some reason she only grudgingly lets me use it at the range.

  4. I love my Bersa 380 but another reasonably priced one to consider is the Taurus G2C 9mm. Yea its another striker fired soulless plastic wonder, but its dead nuts reliable, has a decent trigger and sells for less then 200$. So you won't cry quite so much when you got to turn it in to evidence cause your crack junkie neighbor was jonesing for a fix and kicked in your back door for something to hawk at the pawn shop but now has a couple extra holes in her.