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Monday, 11 February 2019

Understanding Children

Last night, while out slumming on the Innerpipes, I slipped in a big steaming pile of sanctimony and ridicule! It's okay though, my millennial moral and intellectual superiors set me straight!

Bill Maher is an F-tard at the best of times but he sure triggered this snowflake. She sounds EXACTLY like my lesbian SJW daughter and her creepy girlfriend did when they flipped out and ran away to join the circus 5 years ago. How dare you ask them to grow up, fuck you, their failures are all your fault!!! There's more BS out of their mouths in 5 paragraphs than I could respond to in 50. This whole tantrum comes off a script; my daughter said basically the exact same thing verbatim when she flipped me the bird.

A search turned this candid pic up of Catherine. Charming, isn't xhe.
.I dunno how many times my daughter looked back at me like that.
This is the way they look at you when you try to talk sense into them.

Perhaps things to work out in the end? I don't have to put up wit stupidity like that anymore, I don't have to hold the bag for it any more, and there is no place for me in the lives of the kids like this anyways.

Fah - we tried, kids. But you knew it all then, just as you know it all now, Enjoy the comics and cosplay kids.


  1. My regular restaurant can't keep an under-30 waitress, and the ones they hire provide some of the poorest service I've ever had. What, me wait on you? You're lucky I'm even speaking to you - it's time for my break. The story from the owner is always the same. The kids think the world owes them a living, and it doesn't, and as they learn about that inconvenient fact a bit late in life they tend to get a bit fidgety.

    There are a few exceptions. They tend not to stand out as they're busy working and generally cheerful. One young lady at Burger Doodle cheerfully said she was in college working on a degree in Engineering. She had a few more years to go, but would graduate with very minimal debt. Another young man I met told me he was skipping college - why get a degree you'll never use, plus go a hundred grand into debt? He's in an apprenticeship program and enjoys it.

    Then there's my friend Manual. He wants become a citizen of the U.S., open his own business, and vote the Republican ticket. I told him never to mention that last bit in mixed company until after he became a citizen.

  2. I think that might be part of the rift between my daughter and I, WL. I think she had it in her head that as soon as she was done with Mickey Mouse U - she'd sail off into the sunset with a career that paid 6 figures and she'd be giving me the finger from some swanky café in Europe while she rubbed shoulders with the cultural elite.

    Apprenticeships are no real answer though either. The companies up here in oil country are famous for abusing apprentices and the life of the tradesman is no bed of roses either...