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Friday, 22 March 2019

A New Olympic Sport?

I gave up on the Olympics ages ago. To me it show cases everything that is wrong and flawed about mankind - the blood doping, the corrupt judges, the fake fixed competitions... it mirrors my own experience with sporting events. 100 years ago I was an archer and a damned good one. I was hassling the top competitors in my class on a regular basis but could never seem to beat them and after a couple years I saw why - they cheated like sonsabitches! Nobody ever called them on it and one year I did - and the chit hit the fan! Of course the cheaters were all sanctioned by the manufacturers and were reps and there was big money in it and bragging rights... so nothing happened. But attendance dropped right off. What's the point in shelling out for gas, tournament fees, campsites and all the rest if the same guys are just going to cheat and spoil it for everyone? And that was just me in the bush leagues... can you imagine a talented youngster, dedicating their lives to their chosen sport - and putting on the performance of their life - just to get shot down by some corrupt judge from another country favouring his own people? Even the bids and competition to host the Olympics is riddled with grifters, fraud, and scammers. Awhile back I heard there were efforts being made to make it more attractive with more events - like ribbon twirling??? Snow boarding??? Why not competitive eating? Or competitive crapping...?


Alrighty then. Sorry about that everyone! I see we're gonna have to bring out new toiletry regulations and laws again..

From here on out, every crapper in North America must have a compliant child restraint device. No exceptions!!! 

Try not to get any on ya today too.  :)


  1. How in the world does anyone cheat at archery?

    What amazed me was the cheating in the Tour de France. There was a company that could actually install a motor on a Tour racing bike, and the only way the device was spotted was because the rider did a little too well.

    Then there was the drug testing and the drugs. I guess some people will do anything to win, even if it's a false victory.

    The only thing that I can add to this concerns ballroom dancing and dance competitions. Some judges are corruptible and can be bribed, while others cannot. The pros can see for themselves what's going on, and most know why.

  2. Back then we did a version of field archery called 3D. Targets were Styrofoam animals placed at unknown ranges around a course and you travelled round the course much the same way as golphers do on their course. Cheating is the exact same too: If you, me, Quartermain and Jack are in one foursome and we all cheat on our score cards, then the other foursomes on the course are not likely to catch us. I actually got good enough to shoot with the pros and found myself utterly disgusted by the antics. Afterward we all sat down and decided that the only fair way to do it was to mix up the groups so that the cheats couldn't cover each other and they got thrown into groups at random where there would theoretically be at least on honest shooter per group. That only intensified the fighting and arguments so I just quit - along with many others. It wasn't worth it because contending with arseholes was never fun. We used to be able to draw 300 shooters for a tourney easy... But after that I heard they were lucky to get 80 - for an IBO sanctioned shoot at that. Its too bad really...

  3. You certainly come up with some unique photos, Glen. ;-)

    I never paid any attention to athletics, either amateur or organized. Never saw much point in any of it.

    Hope all is well up there. Nothing happening here, for which I am grateful.