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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Areo-Turd Burgling

A lot of people look at this and think it's just the good ol' boys having some fun. In point of fact, this is so bloody dangerous that if it were possible for stupid people to do at home they'd probably ban it! The grave yards are filled with guys like this who got away with crap like this forever - until that one day when they didn't and that was that for that!

The best bush pilots are not necessarily found in Alaska either - there are all kinds of the in the mountainous areas lower down in BC. I was hell bent on being a pilot years ago until Flapz sent me a text. His uncle was a celebrity bush pilot who crashed near Golden when his engine crapped out. He tried to crash land in some yuppie's back yard amidst the spruce and pine - and made a helluva mess. All the bones in one of his legs got shattered, they had to put his skull back together and his eyes never lined up right after that - and the bird was a total write off. He'd been flying close to 40 years and had survived such landings before unscathed.

One is tempted to admire these magnificent men and their flying machines - but they are an affront to the aviation gods, and invite the scrutiny of Darwin and Murphy.

Once was enough for me.

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  1. I call BS on that one sir.....Its all low and slow, No danger there..if you can keep your eyes open and keep from walking in to the propeller.. See its all about E=MV2... "E"nergy transfer is what breaks things when a "M"ass hits a solid object (the ground)at a given "V"elocity squared.... if you keep your "M"ass and your "V"elocity low, there is little energy to be dissipated and splattered upon your tender body and delicate aircraft. Besides any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. If you can actually fly the airplane again you get bonus points.