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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Fatherhood, In A Nutshell

I got burned on that one badly about 100 years ago. I was taking the little one home from day care one night when some friggin bloody towel headed Shik cut me off in traffic and I had to stand on the brakes to avoid a pile up. As I rode out the adrenaline rush and checked my shorts for fright deposits afterward - I *may* have used some salty language about our vibrant and diverse citizens sharing our roads.

The next day I caught the very hell of it from my daughter's daycare teacher because she was going round running at the mouth about pakies in a way that'd have made Archie Bunker (and Yours Truly) proud!

Now I use more appropriate terms in conversations where civility is a requirement. When I refer to colourful and vibrant vistors and immigrants from over the rainbow - I use colourful and sensitive terms like mudflaps, nine irons, chugs, bucket heads, etc. Such terms also drive the SJW's nuts too. Hey, if they can come up with fake words like 'intersecionality' and 'racial/sexual privilege' … so can I.

In any event, it pays to be extra vigilant around little ones Little eyes are watching everything you say and do.

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  1. Nine iron? Explain please. I like new ways to describe visitors.