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Friday, 1 March 2019

Filthie's Ethnic Music Nite

Let's start in the middle east! That region of the world that fills North America with excrement cultural enrichMINT!

Formerly live, from Constantinople Istanbul:

New Amsterdam is a chit hole by any other name! HAR HAR HAR!

Maybe we should go somewhere else for our music tonight? Somewhere a little more friendly? That describes the Irish to a 'T'!

Errr…. welp … that went to hell quickly, didn't it? Sheesh - maybe we'll try this again when the vibrants are in a more cooperative mood!

Have a great Friday, all!!


  1. well, m s ,just seeing the train wreck coming and wondering if we can do anything to stop it
    i am an old woman so i pray and hope that almighty God will step in and purge the evil

  2. I just have to sit back and laugh sometimes, M.

    Still hanging in there, Deb? You have friends rooting for you up here for you in the frozen wastes.

  3. Yeah, Deb. Friends.

    Just remember that old saw, "Protect me from my friends, I can handle my enemies by myself."