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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Filthie's Playhouse

Yo. Shit's gettin' real. Cat's gettin' fragged...

All the kidults back in the bad old days were into comics and graphic novels. I was already old by then because it was definitely after my time... but still young enough to appreciate the appeal. I almost fell over when I saw the 'action-figures' they had for sale in the comic book shop - these weren't the kind of junk ya saw in Toys R Us for the little kids - these were scaled down works of art. I looked closely at GI Joe or whoever he was - and his tiny M4 carbine was as detailed and authentic looking as my full size actual gun! There was a reason they went for $150.00 I guess.

Keep soaking that moslamic muzzle monkey, Major!
He knows more than he's telling!!!

I suppose this leads into another sorta-related topic. This is why time-outs and warm fuzzy punishments don't work on most average IQ kids. Back when I was a squirt they tried to get me to behave the easy way - with groundings and time outs as punishment and deterrents. But - because I had a triple digit IQ, I also had an imagination and if you put me in a room full of toys, or books, pencils and papers … I could ride out any grounding or time out standing on my head! My daughter was like that too only worse because she was smarter than I was. Both she and I had to learn how to behave the hard way.

That's why any good child discipline strategy should involve horse whips, high amperage electroshock and waterboarding.

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