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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Free Speeching And Meanings

Sixbears surprises the pooh outta everyone by noticing something right under his nose - and ours.

I have to be careful with guys like SB and some of the older bloggers. They were raised in better times, by better people and like all old folks... they are prone to trusting people they shouldn't, and still believe that the world works the same as it did when they were younger. I am falling into that exact same trap all too often as I get older. He noticed a couple words that no longer mean what they used to.

Our whole language is being re-constructed. When I was a kid I was a survivalist - one of those eccentrics that loved bushcraft and camping. Of course now the term refers to those kooks getting ready to make war on the world as it comes to an end, and now they are trying to do the same thing with the term 'prepper'. There are folks out there for whom basic survival skills are offensive. My own parents wrinkle their noses and curl their lips in disgust at my racked guns and the wife's provisions shelved in the basement.

Over the course of my life I have seen other words and ideas reframed and I went right along with it. Take the word 'gay' - it now refers to the most sullen, angry and degenerate people you can imagine. I am not sure of my ground here, but I think the rain bow has historically been a symbol of God's sorrow for wiping humans off the face of the earth during the flood. If so - look what it means now. It follows that in today's society Christians are scum of the earth and mentally ill degenerates are celebrated as heroes.

I've seen black and white photos of kids taking Dad's 12 bore to school for show and tell. A couple years ago I read where child lost his father in Iraq. The military gave the squaddie formal honours and fired the guns over the flag draped coffin, and the kid picked up one of the empty brass cartridges. Later the teacher caught him with it at school and he was expelled. As a gun owner mainstream society has been giving me the gears all my adult life. It's funny when the self righteous gun grabbers are brought up short when you ask them what is so unhealthy and unsavoury about the shooting sports? They are often literally stunned to discover there is a difference between a sportsman and a kook with a gun.

How many other words, meanings and ideas are being reframed for us, right under our noses, without us noticing? It's a shame that things will have to get truly bad before something drastic is done about it.


  1. The word gay, which used to mean lively or lighthearted and happy, was conclusively redefined when I was in seventh grade. It's now synonymous with door knob sucking faggot.

    I hate that kind of thing, and there's nothing I can do about it.

    The carefully orchestrated overreactions of school teachers and school principals who have an attack of the vapors at the sight of an empty .30-06 cartridge before summoning the courage to confiscate the empty and phone the police are being accepted as normal - and these actions are a long way from reasoned normalcy.

    Think. A person charged with educating children is incapable of rational thought when confronted with a situation that we, the Great Unwashed, accept as inconsequential. How the hell did anything like this ever happen?

    One day at a time, I expect.

    1. My brother in law and his wife are teachers. I have absolutely no respect for either of them. Their grandparents would have hung them from a tree to see what they do to the kids these days. I'm serious - if civil war ever breaks out, the first ones to hang are the public school teachers. Them or the judiciary....