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Saturday, 30 March 2019

Friday Night: The Filthie Party Animal

When we were kids there was this lame comedy hour on CBC on Friday night that only losers - like my wife and I - would watch. Everyone else in the world had better things to do on Friday night than stay at home and watch TV... but we were new parents, penniless, and lost in the world. Anyhoo, one of the running gags that we enjoyed were these two ghastly, hideously made up comediennes that would come on, and their schtick was that they were so homely and stupid, none of the guys would date them and thus they were stuck at home on Friday night to bitch and joke about the political and social issues of the day. They weren't that funny, but they always finished their skit with by shrieking that it was "Friday Niiiiiiight!!!!" and start partying by hauling out those super tiny - drinklet bottles they used to sell at the liquor store. I guess ya had to be there to appreciate what little humour there was of it.

Last night all the party animals were at the chapel doing this odd 'dusk to dawn prayer nite' thing. I still don't get it - the wife goes and wanted me to drop by too for awhile. I felt like one of those girls from that old comedy show - a loser at odds with nothing better to do on Friday night!!!  But I went to make the wife happy.

Turned out to be a profound experience because the place was filled with other losers and buttholes too. They all sit around and air their beefs and then pray about them, or they do it as they pray. One of the fellas was a teacher and I walked in on the tail-end of his rant at 9:30. He was praying for the messed up kids that found their way into his class room. I guess one had attempted a suicide or something and it had left him shaken. I laughed like hell as another old stubfart stood up and loudly prayed for his idiot daughter. She had shacked up with some guy that was a militant atheist and he was just right bummed out about it. I sat at the back and hunkered down, rudely smirking to myself at that. "Buddy, if you ever want to compare notes on shitty daughters..." I thought to myself... and then I was instantly ashamed. I know what it is like to fail as a father, and I found myself throwing out a quick prayer for the stubfart and his daughter. Some folks were seriously messed up - one old boy a little older than I got up and shuffled slowly out - he clearly had some painful mobility issues. Others prayed for sick friends and relatives. One fella was an idiot that got into booze and drugs and seemed to be pulling himself together and all the big guns there murmured their approval as he droned on about his redemption. I felt guilty about that too - there was a time when I was hitting that bottle awful hard too. Whatever the case - the people afflicted seemed to draw strength and resolve from the support - even if all it was, was some anonymous bum like me showing up to listen. I can see why people crack up - they face this kind of shite that life throws at them and have no one sane to share it with. It's hard to sit there and listen to them and hear of their hurts and losses. But after it all, you heave a sigh, shake it off and you walk out feeling better. You see how good you actually have things, and you see the world through the eyes of people who view it much differently than you do.

There are worse ways to spend a Friday night I suppose.

Today I am off to get crunched by the chiroquack, then I am going to do some high speed low drag Crapcopter aerobatics - and I think I will break my bow out and see if I can bring my archery gear and tackle into the 21st century. It's going to be a great day around the castle  - I hope you have some good stuff lined up this weekend too.

Have a great Saturday and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. God bless you for praying an eye opener to see how much oppression there is in the world and you only saw the top of the tip of the ice mountain