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Friday, 8 March 2019

Friday Suicide Note


Good morning everyone! No, there will be no long winded suicide notes and guilt trips on this one. That Soy Wars vid will do my talking for me.

I'd never a thunk I'd see fine folk music turned to the forces of evil instead of niceness. I used to consider small dead animals a safe place for the sane mind - but no more.

Have a geat day boys - and we'll see ya in hell!


  1. OK you lost my feeble brain on this one....
    WTF are you going on about here?
    Put it in plain English please so ignorant plebeian simpletons like us can understand.
    Like Pooh said; "I am a simple bear and big words confuse me"

    1. Maybe it's just me, but the geek-out on this one just made me want to eat my gun...

    2. I don't know where you find that weird crap but some times you just have to tune out and ignore that freaky shit. No sense in wasting your time and getting all aggravated over stupid crap that stupid people do.