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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

I Dissent!!!

I pretty much gave up on the mass media. I used to make a deal with them - if they were open to comments at the end of the article I'd read it. If the comments were closed off I'd click past it. Then of course I started getting banned because the Lefties were trying to have a circle jerk civilised discussion and my ignorant opinions were not appreciated.

GAB is apparently introducing a service called Dissenter that will allow even ignernt butt-ugly retards like me - to comment freely on any article posted by my moral and intellectual superiors at such organizations as The Glob And Snail, or the New York Times or what have you.

I was at first unsure about GAB. The problem with GAB is that there IS a lot of toxic bile. Racism, antisemitism, homophobia etc.  Then I learned what was really going on - a lot of that crap was being posted by social justice warriors faking all the hate so they could get the site and service shut down. Kind of like those hoaxes where coloured morons beat themselves up and blame Whitey, or queers screaming about homophobia because some idiot made a rude joke.

I wish GAB all the best of luck with Dissenter. We need more free speech in the world, not less.

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