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Monday, 18 March 2019


Well, looks like spring has a toe hold.


There's still a lot of snow around but the creeks have started to run again. Praise God - that was a long winter. Especially that last run of -30C. I've seen two motorcycles out today but that is just nuts. There's still ice everywhere and where it has melted it is all gravel and dust. The rocket pilots are coming out because there's some clear patches of road - so the cops are out nabbing them left right and centre too.

I have a short week coming up, we are taking a long weekend in to do some mud camping this weekend. It's our 34th wedding anniversary too and I am just shocked at that. Given the last 8 years I woulda thunk I'd be divorced and living in the chicken house out at Coopville or in one of the missile silos at Camp Borepatch ... but we are still married, and happily so.

I put some new tires on the Dogmobile today and not a minute too soon, the front driver's side was wearing away and nearly bald and cracking all the way round... so I got my money's worth out of them. I need to do some spring cleaning on my truck too - it's all dust and dawg hair inside, and smells like a dead fart inside the way an old man's truck tends to.

The back yard glaciers are receding and the dog chit is being exposed. I am going to see if I can fake my back injuries to fink out on the clean up, HAR HAR HAR!!! Okay... no I won't because one a you fags would probably snitch on me... and as far as the back goes... the chiroquack has been working overtime on my spine and things are beginning to loosen up a bit. I may actually clean it all up by myself this year! Yay!

I have had a hankering to get my bow out again. I have an old PSE Solo Cam from the Plasterscene Era when solo-cams were all the rage with the other neolithics and austrolapithicenes. Any of you guys bow benders? Remember how we used to shoot through paper to try and tune the arrowflight for bullet holes? And how solo cam bows were so great because they supposedly had level knock travel? There is every bit as much boojum and BS in archery as there is in fishin'! Today's bows don't even look like bows anymore and they are blazing fast. I don't care, I only shoot against the bum in the mirror now - and that thumb-fingered idiot is pretty easy to beat.

Spring is here, life is good. Hope things are heating up for you as well - and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Lower back issues? Get one of these.
    They really do work. It usually shortens my recovery by a couple days when my lower back starts to act up.

  2. Happy anniversary! Hubby & I are going for 54!

  3. Congrats on making it thirty-four years.

  4. We're at 37 years. The marriage doesn't get any worse... The back doesn't get any better...

    My truck's about the same. The dust on the outside shows that the cab is a game trail for the barn cat. The inside; same dead fart smell. I blame the dog. Blaming my wife would stop the clock at 37 years. The carpet; I can't tell where it ends and the desert begins... And just what the hell made that stain ?...

  5. Well thanks for stopping by you guys!!! :)