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Friday, 15 March 2019

Pearls Clutched, Virtues Signalled, Blood Dancing To Start

Welp, I guess it's time for teddy bears, candle light vigils, and a bunch a sobbing idiot lefties to proclaim that We Will Not Be Divided even as the guns and knives come out. Aaaaaand here come the usual sanctimonious suspects to signal their virtue right on cue, to remind us all that we're all human, that violence only begets violence, blah blah blah.

I have some cautionary thoughts.

  •  We can't believe anything in the press. Those a-holes will print what their owners tell them to, and they have an agenda.
  • This was inevitable. Multiculturalism doesn't work. If this hadn't happened first, some moslem mutt would have done it to the New Zealanders.
  • So far this looks like the work of a lone loon. It may be. Or, somebody somewhere put him up to it and enabled it. Keep your eyes on the shadows and the people in the background on this one. It checks all the right boxes: racism and gun violence are loved by the left.
The left and the libertarian crowd are quick to point out that we have no place in their lands with our drones, peace keeping, and nation building. They may be right but if they are, then it follows that those moslems and exotic weirdos from over the rainbow have no place in ours.

As for me, I'll pass on the blood dancing. My thoughts and prayers will be with our leaders to stop dumping this ethnic trash into our countries, and sacrificing our citizens to these idiotic leftist ideologies.


  1. not gonna happen, the die is cast, and i think it may have happened in the 60's when the sexual revolution was the cover for the political revolution. all those 'protesters', when grown, either ran for office or helped those who ran and, having sown the wind we reap the tornado [whirlwind].

  2. saw your comment elsewhere, and truly there are moslems plotting similar evils everywhere. sooner or later new zealand would have experienced their own run-in with the violence brought by moslems.
    of course it will be spun that the shooter is part of an evil Christian conservative empire... more fuel for the fire that is coming
    pray more!
    God, help us, please.

  3. If you believe Brietbart, the count is 49 killed, 40 wounded, and the shooters were chased and fired upon by a mere civilian wielding a long gun. Four men are in custody.

    The Lunatic Left is doing what they do best: howling at the moon.

    I truly believe that there is no solution to this problem; no way to actually stop it. All we in the U.S. can do is what we've done in the past - praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  4. Well the puppet show is going full blast already. Apparently the perp was radicalized by haters on the internet. Some conservative pundits and some goofy kid on OyTube are being blamed for being hatey on the internet and spawning other haters.

    It couldn't have anything to do with moslems setting up rape gangs in Britain, or cutting the heads off toddlers and POWs or murdering school buses full of children to score political points, right?

    I hope the next nutter goes off in the Huffington Post, or the Glob and Snail or the New York times. Those are the a-holes ginning up the hate and violence...

  5. Do a quick search and find out how many Christians are killed because of their religion every year. Where's the outrage over that?

  6. The mainstream media here some how is trying to pin this on conservatives claiming the guy was a Trump supporter, citing quotes from his manifesto. I had a hard time finding it at all as most places offered a link that had since been scrubbed and was not available. Found on from Italy that had it and it is still up as of Sunday 1400 east coast time.
    Read it yourself and don't believe the media's lies.
    The nut job was everything but a conservative.. he called himself and eco-afacist who's ideology was best represented by the commie chink government.