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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Something Here From Somewhere Else: The Filthie Theatre Goer

I've given up trying to understand the finger waggers and scolds. How does a guy - who supposedly  got run out of his own country by violent and stupid coloured people - defend violent, stupid coloured people doing the same chit in other lands? Let us not mince words because that is what he is doing: we are all supposed to play by the rules and abide by the laws even though the ethnic trash flooding into our lands do not. I have little sympathy for the victims the Pastor is shedding tears for - I've just seen too much of them and their violence they inflict on any country stupid enough to open their doors to them and the double standards that Pete wants to apply to all this just don't wash with me.

The double standards are hallmarks of other stupid people too. I am supposed to get all outraged over something like this - and just shrug it off when these liberal mutts tear down historical statues like confederate monuments. Odds are it was some proggie liberal jew that did this vandalism too. Perhaps it's real and the press ISN'T lying - which means the game has escalated. Symbols are extremely important to people and when you attack them - you are a red hair away from attacking the people themselves.

The Z Man did a spectacular critique of these idiot morality plays over here. I'll just sit here, quietly stropping my bayonet as I sit amidst stacked ammo cans and sandbags - and eat popcorn and enjoy the show.

Have a good hump day, you guys. And don't take this the wrong way but I hope your day is long, boring - and peaceful.


  1. Peter Grant played a bit part in the destruction of South Africa, and now that we have taken him in and sheltered him from the disastrous effects of his actions, he wants to repeat his foolishness here, and destroy our country too. Leftists are like snakes: they bite.

  2. I live in a place where illegal immigration affects me DIRECTLY. Whole areas of our state have been "enriched," and are new outposts of the 3rd World, looking, sounding, and smelling like Tijuana. The English language runs a sorry second to Spanish. These people have realized that they've gotten away with breaking federal law, so they don't even attempt to mind the rest. Try to tell this to a Libtard though, and I'm presented with a bar of soap to wash my mouth out with and a hickory switch to whip my ass with. I'm supposed to just siddown, shuddup, and take it, as per the directions of those who aren't affected by illegal immigration at all. Uhh... NO!

    ...Sooner or later, the fighting will start... We had such a good thing here too...

  3. I see this a lot with the old world Boomer/Gen X libertarian tribe - they seem prone to the exact same idiotic virtue signalling so popular with progressive liberals. They are always quick to say 'I don't favour one side or the other because they're both bad!!!" and act as if that makes them look good.

    I don't think the looming civil war will be as bad as some opine, Pete. I think that once these prog liberals and posturing cucks and ethnic trash see lead in the air - and start shedding their OWN blood for their idiotic 'principles' … they might pull back a bit. I would like to hope so anyways.