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Monday, 25 March 2019

The British Ruin EVERYTHING

I am still laughing at this one.

I've gotten into the frootless moral debates with libertarians and liberals who maintain that what ya do with your body is your business, and absitively posilutely none a mine. Furthermore, if I don't like it I can just go stick my head down the nearest toilet and flush a few times. What is a stupid old fart like me gonna know about important issues like 'slut walks' and pink pussy hat parades and such?

Welp, I'd say that if a woman takes off her clothes and poses in the window to offer her services as a prostitute... the customers are going to stare. Some will make off colour comments and I'd a thunk that would go hand in hand with the trade. Not so, I guess, and those stupid yobs and chavs from Kipperland are ruining the sex trade for everyone! Prostitution is a tasteful, respectful celebration of female sexuality dontchya know.

Will women ever be free of the exploitation and depredations of horrible men? Inquiring minds like mine have a right to know!


  1. Well, let's see... here we go.

    From the article:
    Finance alderman Udo Kock...

    I can't take this seriously.

    What the city is likely griping about is that the organizers of these guided tours through the red light district are raking the guilders in, and since it's all in cash it's very likely that the city isn't getting its cut. The tour guide's overhead is low, and anyone who excels at public speaking could give a tour without thinking about it. So now it's time to rain on someone's parade.

    1. Probably so, Jack. Ultimately that is what feminism and racism and homophobia is all about these days - money... and that's it!

  2. The week Chernobyl blew its top was first time I'd been to Dem'Boss Holland to visit my grandmother. Figured I'd do the touristy thing and went for a day trip to see Amsterdam. As I exited the train station I was accosted by some teenager begging for money. About twenty minutes later I cross paths with the same scumbag sitting on the sidewalk poking his arm with a syringe. No one batted an eye. A few blocks over I come across some fat, saggy titted, mostly-nude, bubble but negress, standing in a storefront window that was plastered with 8x10 glossies of her "abilities". Among them were a couple of detailed images of her getting it on with a horse, something that my until then naive brain had never before even conceived as possible. The skank all the while beckoning me to enter the establishment. Shit! The skidmarks I left on the cobblestones are likely still there. I could not get to the train station quick enough. What an utter shithole!