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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

The Two Wheeled Ache

Usually at this time of year the motorcycles start coming out. I've seen a few already but that is just nuts - there is dust, gravel and ice everywhere. And I am quite content to let things warm up and the street sweepers do their thing. I drive a big road bike and you can't muscle those monsters if they get squirrelly on the terrain. But for some reason, this year - I can't wait to get out. I seriously considered it last weekend. A man my age shouldn't be that rash.

Tonight I have an eclectic collection of gifs from all my retarded friends, as they clamber aboard their iron horses to entertain us with their skill.

You know the rules son! Replace your divots!

This must be what the Germans mean
when they talk about "Hyper Motard".

From our retarded pen pals in India: Ginderjeet and Goopinder
learn us everything we need to know 
about the 'Flying W' stunt!

That's a 1971 Honda XL 100 - and was my first motorcycle
as a kid.

I can't wait to get out on the road again. You all make sure ya ride safe - and be damned careful until the street sweepers have made the rounds.


  1. Hey where'd you find that first one of me on the pushbike taking a digger? I didn't think anyone had video of that.

    1. I think we all had a go or two like that, eh M? :)